Home Remedies for Minor Burns

Minor Burns and Home Remedies


Minor burns occur on the skin when the body comes in contact with heat. Minor burns are first degree burns that arise on the upper layers of the skin. Oil or water when heated and splashed on the skin can be the cause for minor burns. Cooking in the kitchen can result in hot oil being sprayed over the hand or arms thereby resulting in minor burns. Also water that is excessively hot and dropped on the body can be the reason for minor burns. Extended exposure to sunlight can also lead to minor burns.

It is essential that minor burns be treated in a timely manner or they can become painful and lead to further tissue damage. Certain home remedies can heal the wounds and reduce the pain associated with swelling due to the minor burns. Minor burns can be cured over a period of few days to weeks with natural healing methods.

Major burns need to be checked by a medical practitioner as home and natural remedies may not be sufficient in containing the injury.

Home Remedies

Below listed are some home remedies that can be practiced for relief from the minor burns.

  • Cold Water Healing

Putting cold water on the burn within few seconds of the incidence of minor burns can give relief from the discomfort associated with minor burns. Cold compress can also be applied on the burn for some minutes for respite from the pain. Continue the cold compress therapy every some hours for faster results. Ice should not be rubbed on the minor burn as it could restrict the blood flow and cause tissue damage.

  • Potato Cure

Juice of a raw potato can also be useful in battling minor burns. Slice a potato and stroke the minor burn with the potato slice for few minutes while ensuring the potato juice falls on the affected portion of the skin. Another way of using potatoes to treat minor burns is to grate a raw potato and rest the potato shreds on the burn area for 15 minutes. Placing raw potato on the minor burn almost immediately after being inflicted by a minor burn can cure minor burns in a speedy fashion.

  • Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice Therapy

The healing properties of coconut oil and lemon juice can also be employed in the treatment of minor burns. Coconut oil contains nutrients such as vitamin E, lauric acid, myristic acid and caprylic acid. These nutrients contain anti-septic qualities and can prove to be effective in minor burns healing.

  • Onion Treatment

Onions can also be utilized in combating minor burns. The sulfurous compounds as well as the quercetin nutrient in onions have an important role to play in curing minor burns. Onions should be knifed and juice of the onions should be massaged on the minor burn. Onions lose their therapeutic value within few minutes of being chopped and hence only the juice of newly sliced onions should be applied on the burn area.

  • Plantain Leaves Regime

Plantain leaves are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents and their effectiveness can be tested in the treatment of minor burns. Ready a paste with fresh crushed plantain leaves and put on the burn and cover with cloth. Re-apply on the wound when the paste has dried and repeat until one is reprieved of the pain and inflammatory condition.

  • Other Remedies

Aloe vera gel or fresh leaves of the aloe vera plant massaged on the burnt skin portion can heal the minor burn in a short span of time. Raw honey splattered on the burn wound at regular intervals can be effectual in curing the gash as honey contains healing properties. Resting a banana peel on the injured skin until it blackens can also treat the wound speedily. Pouring lavender oil or olive oil on the burn can also be beneficial in the minor burns therapy.