Home Remedies for Mole Removal

Mole Removal and Home Remedies


Moles are those pesky colored spots that appear on the skin. Moles are dark-colored arising due to the accumulation of pigmentation in the body. Moles are usually small in size and can occur on the face, hands, legs, toes, scalp and arms. Moles can vary in color ranging from red, black and brown. Some moles are flat-sized while moles can be raised also. Moles are normally not damaging and home remedies can be applied to get rid of the dark spot. Some moles may be harmful and these need to be shown to the doctor to seek his advice.

There are various reasons for the occurrence of moles on the body. Production of excessive melanin in the body could be a reason for moles. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is another leading reason for mole appearance as the pigmentation then spreads to other parts of the body thereby paving the way for moles. Hormonal imbalances in the body during puberty and pregnancy can also cause mole visibility. Additionally, excessive secretion of the oil or sebaceous glands can give birth to yellow-colored ugly-looking moles.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are painless, hassle-free and without any side-effects. They can be practiced to eliminate the moles easily. Let us study the home remedies for mole removal in the following details.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Cure

Apple cider vinegar is known to contain acids such as malic and tartaric acid. These vinegar constituents can prove to be effective in mole removal. Simply dab some vinegar in a cotton ball and apply on the affected skin portion to disintegrate the mole. Use a band-aid to keep the ball in place and leave for an hour or overnight. Repeat the process for few days until the mole disappears. Also allow the skin to peel off on its own. Do not scrub it away in order to avoid scars.

  • Garlic Remedy

Garlic can also be beneficial in the mole elimination process. Fresh garlic cloves can be crushed and paste can be readied. Rub little paste on the moles and secure with a cloth or band-aid. After an hour or so, the cloth or band-aid can be removed and the paste can be washed from the face. Leaving the cloth or band-aid overnight is also an option. Continue the course for some days until the mole is eliminated.

  • Banana Peels Treatment

Banana peels can dry the mole and result in its dissolution. Put the interior side of the banana peel on the mole and cover with a bandage. The mole will dry and fall off after few days of repeating the procedure.

  • Coriander Leaves Therapy

Prepare a paste with fresh coriander leaves and massage a little of the paste on the moles and keep overnight. In the morning, the paste can be cleaned with water. Use the paste on the mole every night until the mole disappears.

  • Pineapple Healing

Knife a pineapple for a slice of the fruit. Now stroke the moles with the sliced fruit for some minutes and continue the process every few hours and for the following days until the mole is not visible. The high citric acid levels in pineapple can result in dissolution of the mole while keeping the skin clean and clear.

  • Other Remedies

A strawberry slice can be rubbed on the moles for several minutes, few times in a day and over a period of some days until the moles begin to lighten. Paste can be prepared with cashews soaked overnight in water and applied on the moles regularly for successful removal of the annoying spots. Put some honey on the mole while securing with a bandage and keep for 1 hour before washing off the honey and continue the regime for 1-2 weeks till favorable results are achieved.