Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Neck Pain and Home Remedies


Neck pain is discomfort accompanied with swelling sensed in the neck region of the body. The uneasiness arising in the neck could be due to numerous reasons. Neck injury, strained nerves, degenerative disorders, incorrect sleeping positions, inappropriate body posturing, carrying weighty objects and damaged discs are some of the reasons associated with neck pain. Infections affecting the throat are another cause for neck pain. Also sports-related activities can cause injuries and strain the neck thereby hurting the neck. Basically harm to the tissues, bones and muscles related to the neck could give birth to neck pain. Another name for neck pain is cervical pain.

To prevent further damage to the neck when inflicted with pain one can avoid lifting heavy equipment so as to prevent the neck from straining further. Strenuous activities should also be reduced to the minimum for speedy healing of the neck disorder. Light stretching of the neck muscles could also ease the pain while increasing the flexibility of the cervical section. It is also important to continue with the daily bustle to strengthen the muscles and for shifting focus from the ache. Also working on the computer over long hours or over-exertion is best evaded when suffering from neck pain as pressure on the neck can mount and lead to further worsening of the pain.

Placing a heating pad or ice pack on the affected part can also drive away the pain. Repeat the course every few hours for betterment of the pain condition. Massaging the neck gently is also beneficial in driving away the pain. Applying balms that are herbal in nature and after consultation with a doctor can also be advised.

Imbibing healthy habits can also prove to the useful when battling cervical pain. Here stress levels can be controlled by practicing relaxation techniques. Also exercising regularly and curbing smoking can contain the neck distress. Certain home remedies can also be tried to keep the neck pain at bay and prevent additional damage to the neck.

Home Remedies

The below mentioned home remedies can combat neck pain and provide respite from the anguish.

  • Neck Exercises

Some neck exercises can heal the pain linked to the cervical area. Rotating the neck in a circular direction, shifting the neck from side to side and turning the neck back as well as forth can stretch the troubled muscles and give relief from the discomfort. Discontinue the exercises if one feels uncomfortable.

  • Bath Salts Rescue

Bathing with bath salts such as Epsom salts can alleviate the pain due to constituents such as sulfate and magnesium. Circulation of blood is enhanced and muscles are relaxed with bath salts. Stress in the body is also reduced as a result of soaking in the bath salts.

  • Neck Brace Support

Neck brace can also be readied with the rolling of a bath towel and wrapping the rolled towel around the neck in such a manner that the base of the skull is placed over the rolled towel. Be comfortably positioned when using a neck brace. Neck brace is recommended only when intense pain is experienced.

  • Massage Therapy

Acupuncture can be tested to cure the neck pain while putting intense pressure on the neck muscles for the purpose of healing the pain. Hydrotherapy is one more remedy for neck pain which entails subjecting the neck to warm water for 30 minutes and followed by 30 minutes in cold water. Massaging essential oils such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, alcohol or citronella oils on the cervical portion can also be effectual in treating the neck pain disorder. The strong scents of the oils also have a soothing effect on the body and assists in relaxation of the body thus combating neck or cervical pain.