Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Neuropathy and Home Remedies


Neuropathy refers to that condition where the peripheral nerves are affected or damaged. Nerves belonging to the hands, legs, toes and fingers are constituted under peripheral nerves. The peripheral nerves are those nerves that are related to sensation in the limbs including arms and legs. Among the many causes of neuropathy some of these include diabetes, atherosclerosis, lack of nutrition, chemotherapy treatment, body infections, low immunity, kidney-related ailments, cancers, medications, toxins contact, hypothyroidism and bodily injuries. The signs of neuropathy range from numbness, tingling, increased sensitivity to touch, weakness, muscle loss, alcoholism, pain and burning sensation.

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Neuropathy can impact life negatively in many ways. One can experience difficulty while walking or moving. One can be imbalanced and may fall often. Simple activities such as tying laces may become impossible for one. Mild or extreme pain can be induced in the body as a result of neuropathy. Numbness in the limbs is also seen in patients troubled with neuropathy. Here wounds can go unnoticed and worsen and so there is need to be attentive towards the hands and feet to check for injury signs. Heightened sensitivity to heat and cold is another outcome when ailing with neuropathy and which can upset the normal abilities of neuropathy patients.

The neuropathy dilemma can be solved to a certain extent by nourishing the body with nutrients. Neuropathy could occur due to vitamin deficiency and the intake of vitamin supplements and vitamin-rich foods can be incorporated in the diet chart to reduce the lack of nutrients within the body. A diet rich in proteins, antioxidants and thiamine can help better the neuropathy condition. Diabetes can also be a reason for the occurrence of neuropathy and when suffering with diabetes the blood sugar levels can be monitored to recover from the neuropathic state.

Home Remedies

Home remedies coupled with lifestyle modifications can go a long way in getting reprieve from neuropathy. Daily exercise coupled with a nutritious diet can be followed. Abstaining from alcohol and smoking can also be beneficial for curing the neuropathy trauma. Avoidance of resting in incorrect postures and massaging the affected areas are other means to combat neuropathy. The home remedies listed below can have a positive effect on the neuropathy condition when practiced.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid Remedy

The alpha lipoic acid is a nutrient constituted under healthy fats and also has antioxidant abilities. The function of the nutrient includes combating the free radicals and conversion of glucose for energy production. Foods containing this nutrient are broccoli, potatoes, peas, rice bran and brussels sprouts. Various meat dishes also contain this nutrient. Intake of foods rich in the nutrient can heal the neuropathy disarray to some extent.

  • Castor Oil Massage

Regeneration of the nerve tissues is possible with the massage of castor oil. The healing abilities of castor oil can treat the flustered nerves. Tissue injury can also be controlled with the oil. Regular massage of oil on the hands and feet can nourish the body and improve the neuropathy pain.

  • Brahmi Oil

Enhanced blood circulation, healthy blood vessels and cell rejuvenation can be effected with brahmi oil. Massaging the limbs on a daily basis with the oil can give respite from neuropathy. Numbness and pain can be minimized as a consequence of using the oil.

  • Other Remedies

Rubbing mustard oil on the arms and legs is another effective natural remedy when battling with neuropathy. Increasing the intake of nuts can also heal the neuropathic state as nuts contain nutrients such as fiber and biotin or vitamin H which reserve the ability to manage blood sugar levels in the body thereby providing a cure for neuropathy. Ointments containing capsaicin can also be stroked on the joints and limbs to benefit from the pain relieving abilities of the nutrient.