Home Remedies for Night Sweats

Night Sweats and Home Remedies


Hot flashes are a phenomenon where heat radiates from the body all of a sudden while being accompanied with redness and sweating. During hot flashes a warming sensation overcomes the body including the face, neck and chest. The skin also tends to redden and intense sweating is induced. When suffering from hot flashes, one may also experience night sweats which are hot flashes that erupt when dozing or sleeping in the night. Night sweats can be troublesome as one becomes wet as a result of sweating and also leads to interruption of sleep. Hot flashes and night sweats can occur when affected with diseases and ailments such as cancer, AIDS and lung disorder to name a few. Women undergoing menopause who are usually above the age of 40 are also likely to be affected with night sweats. Severe night sweating and hot flashes need consultation from a medical practitioner. Mild night sweats can be stabilized with making a few habitual changes in one’s lifestyle to curb the occurrence of these disorders.

To enhance our way of living while combating hot flashes and night sweats, physical exertion in the form of aerobic exercises can be included in the daily routine. Other activities coupled with sports such as walking, running and cycling can also be indulged in. Making exercising a part of life assists in the weight-loss process. Mood swings and hormonal changes are also controlled as a result. Sleep patterns can also be restored during the course. These factors can improve the night sweat turmoil.

Maintaining a healthy intake of foods is also vital when battling hot flashes. Restricting the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods can be useful here. These foods can cause distress in the body and lead to night sweats. Including protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, fish and chicken in the diet can satisfy the protein requirements of the body. Foods containing calcium and vitamin D can also be consumed. Skimmed milk has both these constituents and hence its intake can be advised to correct the disarray. These nutrients help in strengthening the bones and resisting osteoporosis and other bone-related ailments. Supplements can also be taken to nourish the body with nutrients. Home remedies can also be recommended for the purpose of healing the condition.

Home Remedies

The following home remedies come to the rescue of hot flashes and night sweats and an improvement in the condition can be seen when practiced.

  • Herbal Treatment

Adding herbs to the diet can be helpful to manage night sweats. Herbs such as black cohosh and ginseng can be incorporated in the food intake after consultation with the doctor. These herbs are known to challenge the menopause symptoms thereby alleviating the night sweat syndrome.

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseeds rate high in fiber and healthy fats and can have a positive impact on normalizing the night sweat disorder. Flaxseeds can be added to breakfast cereals and baked products to enjoy the goodness of the food in tussling with night sweats.

  • Vitamin E

Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin E is another recommendation when inflicted with the night sweats and hot flashes predicament. Vegetable oils and nuts contain this nutrient and their consumption can prove to be beneficial in the night sweat conflict.

  • Bamboo Sheets

Wrapping bamboo sheets when sleeping can also impart benefits. Soaking of sweat can be eased with bamboo sheets thus leading to reduction of bed and body wetness. Odors are also resisted with bamboo sheets and help one feel better. Bamboo sheets also have a cooling effect on the body and can induce sleep while relaxing the body.

  • Comfortable Clothing

Loose-fitting clothes can be worn when sleeping to cool the body in an attempt to ward-off night sweats. Cotton-wear is recommended for night-wear as cotton conducts heat and does not trap the heat thereby resulting in cooling of the body.

  • Other Remedies

Bathing with cold water at bedtime can prevent night sweats. Drinking cold water also helps to cool the body temperature whilst avoiding night sweats. Cooling the room by keeping the windows open, lowering the air conditioning temperature and directing a fan towards oneself are also remedies for night sweats.