Home Remedies for Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds and Home Remedies


Nosebleeds are incidences where blood oozes from the nose. The other name for the condition is Epsitaxis. The nose is a sensitive appendage and the nose lining is home to many blood vessels and for this reason any small injury of the nose can be the reason for nosebleeds. Nosebleeds can cause staining of clothes and bed-sheets during the night. Nosebleeds are not harmful and can cause no permanent damage. The bleeding of the nose in normal circumstances stops after little trickling of blood.

The reasons for the occurrence of nosebleeds can be numerous. Allergic reactions can trigger nosebleeds. Trauma caused by fall during performance of sports or activities is another reason for nosebleeds. Insertion of sharp objects in the nose can be the cause for nosebleeds. Nose blowing, sneezing and nose picking can also give birth to nosebleeds. Cold, flu, nose infections and dry temperatures are other factors that can induce nosebleeds. Extended use of nose-drops can also make one susceptible to nosebleeds. Nosebleeds can also occur when suffering from liver ailments, vitamin deficiency, cancer, anemia, hypertension and Hodgkin’s disease.  Nosebleeds are more painful when they arise due to either sinusitis or infections such as malaria, typhoid fever and scarlet fever.

Ingestion of blood is also a possibility when bleeding of the nose takes place. In such circumstances vomiting can be stimulated or the result can be dark-colored stools. Blood flow during nosebleeds can be continuous or in a dribble. It many seem that one is losing large amounts of blood during nosebleeds but the amount is actually negligible. But even then nosebleeds can be disturbing. Here the usage of home remedies can prove to be beneficial in combating the nosebleeds.

Home Remedies

Certain precautions can be taken to prevent nosebleeds. Blowing the nose using gentle pressure can go a long way in the avoidance of nosebleeds. Solving the allergic issues to reduce sneezing and sniffing can also restrict nosebleeds. Evade picking of the nose with fingers. Abstinence from smoking and steering clear of smoky corners also tackles the nosebleed problems. Let us now look at the below-mentioned home remedies that can be beneficial in managing the irksome nosebleed incidents.

  • Ice-Pack Remedy

Place an ice-pack around the nose for few minutes. Here the blood vessels tend to constrict as a result of the cold sensation while curbing the bleeding. Inflammation of the nose also reduces due to the therapy. Prepare an ice-pack by wrapping ice pieces in a towel. Rest the ice-pack on the nose for couple of minutes for relief from nosebleeds.

  • Vitamin Cure

Foods containing vitamin-C can be consumed when ailing from nosebleeds. Vitamin-C helps in the collagen production which is responsible for maintaining health of the blood vessels and nose lining thereby lowering the risk associated with nosebleeds.

  • Vinegar Rescue

Take a cotton ball and dab few drops of white vinegar on the ball. Place the dabbed cotton wall on the nose for 8-10 minutes for respite from nosebleeds. Vinegar is useful in closing the blood vessel openings and resisting nosebleeds.

  • Sit-Up

It is advised to sit-up during a nosebleed while tilting the head in a forward position. Do not push head backward. This should be followed to disallow the passage the blood towards the throat. Tilting the head back can cause the blood to be swallowed and vomiting may be induced as a consequence.

  • Other Remedies

Boost the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin-K such as the darkened variety of green leafy vegetables as nosebleeds can happen due to vitamin-K deficiency. Apply antiseptic nasal ointment such as petroleum jelly to lessen blood loss from the nose. Block the nose with thumb and forefinger for 10 minutes while breathing through the mouth in an attempt to impede nosebleeds.