Home Remedies for Open Pores

Open Pores and Home Remedies


Skin pores nourish the skin cells with natural oils and keep them moisturized while enhancing their health. Pores also play an important role in flushing toxins from the body. Pores can get clogged due to the deposition of surplus sebum, dirt particles and bacteria which paves the way for their expansion. Oily-skinned people are more likely to have open pores as compared to people with dry skin. This is because where oily skin is concerned there is excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands which causes blockage of the pores thereby resulting in their dilation. Other factors responsible for open pores are lack of nutrients, pollution aspects, genetic features, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, hormonal disparity, oily skin and stress. Extended exposure to sunlight is another reason for open pores as the collagen production in the body gets affected thus lowering the skin elasticity. Acne and blackheads can be formed due to open pores and increase visibility of the pores as well as magnify the pores.

Skin-care should be given importance for a flawless complexion. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the norms for improved skin texture. Face clean-ups once a week which includes massaging the skin with cream, skin exfoliation for removal of the dead cells and putting face pack to close the pores after the exfoliation course can be included in the schedule. Herbal remedies, fruits and vegetables can prove to be valuable when dealing with open pores. Also give home remedies a try for favorable results when tackling open pores.

Home Remedies

Below listed are some home remedies that can be practiced when coping with open pores.

  • Ice-Pack Treatment

Ice can cause skin tightening along with shrinking of the pores. Also circulation in the body can be improved and skin health can be enhanced. For the ice-pack treatment, take a few ice-cubes and wash with water. Cover the ice-cubes with a clean towel and apply on the face for couple of minutes. The regime can be pursued on a daily basis. Also before the application of make-up, the face can be stroked with the ice-pack to contract the pores.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy

The toning and astringent qualities of apple cider vinegar can be utilized for managing large pores. The PH levels of the skin can be balanced with the vinegar. Also its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics can fight acne problems. Mixing equal quantities of the vinegar and water can be completed. A cotton ball can be dabbed with the prepared solution and applied on the face. Wash the face after few minutes. Follow this treatment at bedtime for positive outcome in the battle with open pores.

  • Lemon Therapy

Lemon is an effective astringent having the ability to seal the pores. Lemons can unblock the pores and soak the oil on the skin. Tightening of the skin thus becomes possible. Use a lemon wedge, sprinkle some sugar on the wedge and rub the face for some minutes with the lemon wedge. Clean the face after an interval. Repeat the course on a regular basis for smooth skin.

  • Yogurt Honey Mixture

Yogurt and honey both contain restorative abilities and their mixture can be hired when tussling with open pores. Honey has therapeutic value and its potassium content can neutralize the bacteria that clog the pores. Lactic acid in yogurt assists the exfoliation function and keeps the pores clean. Take equal amounts of honey and yogurt and mix for a uniform blend. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for 8-10 minutes. Thereafter rinse the face with water. Continue the exercise every week for success in the fight against open pores.