Home Remedies of Pink Eye

Pink eye formation happens in case of conjunctivitis, infections, or inflammation inside the eye. Sometimes, patients with inflammation of conjunctiva are called pink-eyed patients. As the lubricating efficacy of the eye disappears, an infection occurs by the entry of microbes inside the eye. Conjunctiva is the outermost layer that produces tears and mucus thus lubricates the eyes, thus preventing from eye infections and inflammations. Some types of pink eyes are caused by viral and bacterial infections, which are contagious in nature. It can also be a result of allergic reaction due to the intrusion of pollen grains, dust or animal dander inside the eye. Although not contagious, the irritation caused due to these particles can result bring in redness, itching, swelling, and clear or viscous drainage from eyes. Some of these symptoms are common for microbial infections caused in eyes. Prolonged usage of antimicrobial agents can cause drug resistance in most persons, especially in elders and infants. Some immunocompromised individuals and contact lens users are in need of home remedies along with their usual medications they intake to ease symptoms they suffer and get back to their normal daily schedule.

There are many natural ways to prevent pink eye formation. It includes some folk remedies and combination of various herb extracts and our simple kitchen garden organics.

  1. Potatoes possess astringent properties which can prevent certain infections. It is good to place a slice of potato on each eye several times a day.
  2. Honey is a good antibacterial agent and a good remedy for conjunctivitis. Application of honey directly into the eye or an eye wash prepared from the mixture of warm water or milk along with honey is an alternative remedy against eye infections.
  3. Some probiotic agents fight and kill infectious bacteria and increase the number of good bacterial flora. Breast milk contains immunoglobulin A, which prevents the pink wye bacteria from attaching to the mucosal surface of the eye. Application of breast milk in the eye of infants is an old folk remedy. A cold compress with sterile gauze helps in itching, swelling, and burning sensation of eyes.
  4. Sterile gauze soaked in cold rosewater will impart a soothing effect of eyes.
  5. All tea extracts are rich in antioxidants, especially flavanoids that fight against infections and inflammations. A moist teabag can be placed on affected eye, which ease irritation and inflammation.
  6. Application of a warm solution of 2 teaspoons goldenseal extracts mixed with water to eyes imparts a rich source of berberine that has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.
  7. Boric acid, an antiseptic when mixed with water is a good eye wash to soothe pink eye.
  8. Extracts of barberry plant or mountain grape boiled in water is good eyewash to prevent against bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections, which is a folk remedy.
  9. Frequent occurrence of pink eye in some patients are due to the deficiency of vitamin A, which can be treated by the addition of fermented cod liver oil supplement to daily regimen.
  10. Some hospitals still administer silver solutions in newborn’s eyes to prevent various types of bacterial infections.
  11. According to some sources, distilled water and saline eye drops are recommended for pink eye.

Some precautions can be taken to prevent the risk of pink eye. It includes:

  1. It is better to use clean cloth towels and tissues to wipe eyes.
  2. It is advisable to keep hands disinfected.
  3. For swimmers, it must be instructed to used swim goggles to protect eyes from the intrusion of infectious agents.
  4. Timely doctor consultation and keeping hands clean can keep eyes healthy.