Home Remedies for Pinworms : Clean up Pinworm Completely

Pinworm is an intestinal parasite that causes worm infection in small children.  Enterobiasis is a condition when a child accidently ingests or inhales the eggs, which reaches the body system and causes infection. The presence of pinworm inside the body system is depicted by the irritation and burning sensation in the rectum and genital area. Pinworm infection leads to emotional disturbances, weight loss, anorexia, enuresis, inflammation, and secondary bacterial infections in perianal areas. Many traditional medications and natural remedies are practiced to eradicate pinworm infections. The phytochemical compounds found in many vegetables and herbs have the potential to treat pinworm infections.

  1. Consumption of raw garlic cloves or its extract every two hours for seven to ten days is an age-old remedy for treating pinworm infection. A topical cream made from ground garlic cloves and mixed with Vaseline, which can be applied on the rectum to kill eggs and provide itch-relief.
  2. Intake of Centella leaf extracts in empty stomach for more than two weeks can eliminate pinworm infections.
  3. Dry turmeric powder mixed in coconut oil or castor oil can be applied at the rectal area for a week to diminish pinworm infection.
  4. Intake of pumpkin seeds and mint tea helps to eradication infections caused by pinworms. Simmer crushed raw pumpkin seeds in water for about two hours. Strain the mixture through a filter or cheesecloth. Allow it to cool and take a tablespoon every fifteen minutes for a total of four doses.
  5. Daily intake of apple cider vinegar extract can prevent infections caused by pinworm.
  6.  Moringa oleifera seeds and coriander extracts are some natural remedies for pinworm infection.
  7. Diluted clove oil with flax seeds can be administered along with food on alternate days for three days.
  8. Intake of pickled ginger is a natural remedy for eradicating pinworm infections in the body.
  9. Grapefruit seeds are available in the form of pills and as liquids. Intake of grapefruit extracts three times a day, can be considered as an effective way to treat pinworm infections.
  10. Consumption of one tablespoonful of fresh coconut followed by a teaspoonful of castor oil three hours later. This procedure can be repeated until complete eradication of pinworms from the body.
  11. Pinworm infections can be eliminated by consuming a cup of shredded carrot before going to sleep.
  12. Santonin, isothujone, and thujone are active substances found in wormwood is one of the effective remedy for pinworms. It weakens the parasite’s cell membrane, thereby killing them. The infected child has to drink wormwood tea every three hours in empty stomach. It can be prepared by adding a few grams of woodworm into a cup of hot water.
  13. Prepare a mixture of squash seeds in water, boil it for 15 minutes, filter it, and consume it before meals.
  14. Avoid the intake of diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Lowering the pH levels of digestive tract, make it more unpleasant for pinworms to live in.
  15. White willow bark is rich in salicyclic acid, a chemical compound used for treating pinworm infections.
  16. Diatomaceous earth, a fossilized small algae can dehydrate pinworms and kill them very slowly.
  17. Intake of probiotics can keep the intestinal tract healthy. By helping good bacteria to grow, the intestine becomes unfriendly for pinworms and is a natural way to get rid of pinworms.
  18. Eating high fiber foods and fresh vegetables can eradicate the incidence of pinworm infections.
  19. Proper hand washing and nail cleaning can ingest pinworms into the body system. When handling infected clothes, wear gloves and even a mask to prevent inhalation of eggs.