Home Remedies for Pleurisy as Rosemary Herb,Basil Leaves,Capsicum

Home Therapy for Pleurisy


When the pleura membranes that surround the chest as well as the lungs become inflamed and fluid-filled while causing extreme pain as a result of the membranes being rubbed against each other then it can be assumed that pleurisy has struck the person. Here breathing difficulty is experienced. The reasons for the pleurisy incidence can be due to pneumonia, virus infectivity, chest strain or other contagious illnesses. The symptoms of the disorder include dry cough and lack of appetite. There are two types of pleurisy and these are primary pleurisy and secondary pleurisy. Primary pleurisy refers to damage of the pleural walls while the secondary pleurisy relates to inflammation due to chest injury.

Certain home remedies can be practiced to improve the chest inflammation. Consultation with a doctor is also advisable in severe cases.

Home Remedies

Follow the below-mentioned home remedies for relief from the pleurisy condition.

  • Capsicum Remedy

The intake of capsicum can be incorporated in the daily diet when suffering from pleurisy. Capsicum is anti-inflammatory in nature. Also the ingredient contains anti-oxidant properties. Flushing of toxins is also eased with the nutrients in capsicum. Additionally vitamin-C in capsicum can nurture the body. These factors toughen the immune system whilst resisting pleurisy.

  • Basil Leaves Cure

The remedial characteristics of basil can also prove to be beneficial in the pleurisy battle. Basil reserves the ability to dehydrate the fluid that is responsible for the pleurisy state thereby providing respite from the breathing turmoil. Basil leaves can be chewed in the morning before breakfast and in the evening also.

  • Rosemary Herb

The herbal nature of rosemary can also be recruited to win the pleurisy fight. Lukewarm rosemary oil can be applied on the chest at intervals to soothe the swelling in the lungs. Tea can also be readied with the rosemary herb and sipped during the course of the day to enjoy the heath benefits of the herb with reference to healing pleurisy.

  • Hot Water Benefits

Taking a hot water bath for an hour when imposed with pleurisy can also benefit the inflamed lungs quandary. Steam can clear the chest congestion and act as a pain-reliever. Ensure the water temperature is maintained at 100 degrees farenheit when doing so.

Hot compresses can also be rested at the sore junction for couple of minutes thrice daily for reprieve from the pleurisy distress.

  • Dietary Choices

Changes in the diet schedule is another way of combating pleurisy. Plenty of water should be downed when ailing from pleurisy. Pursue only a water diet until the inflammation subsides. The water intake should be increased gradually. Milk can be consumed thereafter. It would be judicious to drink 4 liters of milk on a daily basis. Goat milk is advisable in this context.

Vegetables such as okra, cabbage, brinjals, gourds, potato, carrots, beets, onion and cauliflower should be introduced in the diet. Fruits such as oranges are also recommended during the revival phase. Other foods such as chicken soup and fenugreek can also make a valuable contribution in the treatment of pleurisy. Also foods rich in vitamin-A and vitamin-C are advised as they tend to boost the much required immunity levels. Fried and fermented foods are to be avoided here.

Additionally foods that are sources of selenium such as nuts and sunflower seeds can assist the pleurisy treatment as they have the potential to impart antioxidant benefits to the body and minimize the harm that can be caused by the free radicals. Selenium is also high on the recommendation chart as it is believed that lack of selenium in the body can be the basis for the pleurisy incidence.

  • Other Remedies

Downing green tea can clear the respiratory passages and give relief from the pleurisy discomfort. Smelling eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil are also remedies to neutralize the lung infection due to their curative properties. The anti-bacterial nature of cayenne pepper is also an effectual in tackling pleurisy as the spice is anti-inflammatory in nature and a strong detoxifying agent.