Home Remedies for Psoriasis – Get Back Your Healthy Skin

Psoriasis is a devastating skin condition or an autoimmune skin disorder. It occurs in the form of dry, irritating, and scaly patches on elbows, lower back, knees, and knuckles. Some research studies explains that occurrence of psoriasis are genetic linked. Others say that it can be due to drinking alcohol, stress-related conditions, overweight, anxiety, and sunburn psoriasis get worse. Some people end up with mild cases of psoriasis like small red patches or may spread all over the skin surface with thick scales. Some people get psoriasis on a nail, which causes nails to become pitted and malformed and even to break away from the skin. In some an arthritic condition termed as psoriatic arthritis develops. A complete cure for psoriasis has not been reported so far. Many individuals try a lot of home remedies for both as treatment and prevention.

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  1. Taking daily baths helps remove scales and calm down inflamed skin. Addition of bath oil, colloidal oatmeal, and Epsom salts were added to water and soaked in.
  2. Usage of ointment-based moisturizer while skin is still moist.
  3. Exposure of skin to small amounts of sunlight and it is better to avoid overexposure to sun that increase the risk of skin cancer.
  4. Infections, skin injuries, stress, intense sun exposure, and stress can worsen psoriasis.
  5. Cayenne pepper helps relieve pain and itching by blocking the communication system of sensory nerves and helps to get rid of plaques.
  6. Apple cider vinegar treats minor burns and skin inflammation. It can be applied on infected nails and applied on to the plaques on the body.
  7. Intake of fish oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It boosts immune system, reduces inflammation, and relieves psoriasis.
  8. Massage reduces stress, relieves chronic pain, and prevents psoriatic arthritis.
  9. Yoga is a stress reducer that relieves pain and itch of psoriasis plaques.
  10. Consumptions of shark cartilages that are available in powder and pills, helps relieve symptoms of plaque psoriasis.
  11. Intake of gluten-free diet can reduce inflammation and pain of psoriasis in patients.
  12. According to some sources, oregano oil, milk thistle, evening primrose oil, and turmeric powder are good home remedies for psoriasis and skin inflammation.
  13. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and keeps the skin cells from drying.
  14. Using a humidifier is an easy method to control psoriasis and keep skin moist, especially in winter.
  15. For many years, psoriasis patients from different parts of the world travel to Israel and get soaked in Dead Sea to experience the healing benefits of salts in them. It helps alleviate itching and burning sensation in psoriasis patients.
  16. Tea tree oil is considered as a remedy for many skin diseases. It helps removal of dead skin cells and prevents worse psoriasis conditions.
  17. Intake of lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet imparts a rich source of antioxidants that prevents skin infections.
  18. Massaging warm olive oil on scalp can prevent the attack of psoriasis.
  19. Application of mineral oil can soothe skin surfaces.
  20. The gels from aloe vera plant are known for its skin-soothing properties. Application of aloe vera plant gel extracts on affected skin helps clearing psoriasis.
  21. Topical application of coconut oil onto the affected area is a natural treatment for relieving psoriasis.
  22. Application of petroleum jelly can keep the skin well moisturized and control psoriasis.
  23. Skin cells exposed to sunlight and artificial ultraviolet light are found to be effective at treating psoriasis.
  24. Mixture of regular olive oil and sugar made into oily paste and applied into scalp, neck, and other psoriasis affected areas. It is considered as a good home remedy.