Home Remedies for Quadricep Tendonitis

Home Therapy for Quadricep Tendonitis


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Are you feeling an acute sudden pain in the knee? If the answer to the question is yes then it is likely you are suffering from an injured knee or a condition known as Quadricep Tendonitis. Damage to the quadricep tendon located above the knee cap can be a reason for knee pain. Tendons are bodily tissues that connect the bones and muscles. The quadricep tendons adjoin the quadriceps muscles. Repetitive and intense usage of these muscles and tendons when jumping or kicking can be responsible for their bruising. The symptoms of this disorder are pain, inflammation, walking difficulty and weakening of the muscles.

Home remedies can be applied alongside the advice prescribed by the doctor. Consult a medical officer only if the pain is severe as in most cases the knee pain heals over a period of time.

Home Remedies

Follow the below home remedies to be relieved of the quadriceps tendonitis pain.

  • Rest

Under the resting course it is advisable that one discontinue strenuous exercises especially those activities where the knee has to be exerted.  If pain is experienced during the recovery phase whilst performing an activity then one should not discontinue the same. Taking adequate rest enables the body to repair the injury at a faster rate. Also the use of crutches is recommended in this context if walking is painful due to pressure on the hurtful knee portion.

  • Ice

The knee injury should also be exposed to cold treatment. Ice packs are helpful in this context. Ice cubes can be wrapped in cloth after rinsing them with water. The ice pack can then the placed in the painful knee section for 20 minutes. Pursue the remedy every 2-3 hours for the first 2-3 days of the injury occurrence. Cold therapy helps to reduce the pain and swelling thereby soothing the wound.

  • Compress

Utilization of a compression bandage in overlapping layers at the knee junction can also assist in the healing process. Inflammation can be reduced as a result of this remedy. The wound also receives protection and further knee damage can be avoided here. It is also important to remember to not tie the bandage extremely tight. Securing the bandage snugly can do the trick.

  • Elevation

It is also beneficial to maintain the knee at an elevated position when recovering from knee pain due to the quadriceps tendonitis injury. The swelling symptoms of the quadriceps damage can be minimized here. Placing the knee on top of pillows when resting or sleeping for as long as one is comfortable can be effectual in healing the knee discomfort.

  • Heat Treatment

The knee can be subjected to heat treatment after few days when the pain and swelling has subsided. The application of heat on the bruised knee can enhance blood circulation in the region which can aid the revival course. Healing of the tissues also takes place in a timely fashion with heat. Hot baths can be taken. Hot compresses where a cloth is immersed in hot water and rested on the knee region for 10 minutes can also be practiced. Repeat the course 2-3 times daily until the wound heals completely.

  • Physiotherapy

Consulting a physiotherapist and engaging in physiotherapy is also a must to recover unscathed from the knee trauma. Physiotherapy techniques may include massage, stretching exercises for muscle flexibility, ultrasound, precautions to be taken, physiotherapy exercises, muscle strengthening work-outs, joint mobilization and rehabilitation program. Some exercises for home may also be given by the physiotherapist depending on the severity of the injury and the knee recovery stage. Few exercises to toughen the quardicep tendons include static quads, straight leg raise and quads stretch. These exercises can be continued as long as there is no pain. Also advice from the physiotherapist can be sought here.