Home Remedies for Quick Relief from Constipation

Constipation is a digestive disorder that affects all age groups. It is condition that causes difficulty in passing stools. The symptoms of constipation include bloated abdomen, loss of appetite, bad breath, headache, depression, and mouth ulcer. The reasons for constipation includes poor diet, irregular defecation, abdominal muscle weakness,  hemorrhoids, stress, and lack of physical activity. The discomfort due to constipation can be eased by various natural remedies.

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  • Lemon

Daily intake of lime juice in empty stomach stimulates the digestive system and a good remedy for constipation.

  • Fennel

Fennel seeds have the potential to treat indigestion, bloating, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome and encourage smooth muscle movement.

  • Figs

Daily intake of dried figs eases constipation by acting as a natural laxative. It is a good source of fiber and calcium.

  • Flax seeds

Flaxseeds are rich in fiber and omega fatty acids. It has a laxative property, which cures constipation.

  • Honey

Daily intake of honey has laxative properties. It is beneficial in relieving constipation and promotes bowel movements.

  • Grapes

Grape juices are administered on infants and toddlers suffering from constipation. It contains insoluble fibers that produce regular bowel movements. Regular intake of fresh grapes or raisins in empty stomach in the morning avoids constipation and maintains a healthy digestive system.

  • Spinach

The phytochemical compounds in spinach helps to cleanse, reconstruct, and regenerate the whole intestinal tract.

  • Molasses

Consumption of molasses before sleep relieves constipation and act as a laxative. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and magnesium.

  • Fiber rich foods and water

Water is essential for cells and tissues of the body. Intake of high fiber rich foods like brown rice, beans, carrot, prunes, green leafy vegetables and fruits binds water to the intestine, loosens the stool, and increases the volume of the stool.

  • Ayurvedic preparation

Triphala powder has to be consumed with warm water or honey. It is a good laxative and regulates digestive and bowel movements. Some seed mixtures are prepared by finely grinding sesame, almond, til, and flax seeds and consumed to get rid of constipation by rejuvenating intestinal walls. Drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday can ease constipation.

  • Oranges

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and fiber. Daily consumption of oranges can relieve constipation.

  • Castor oil

Castor oil is considered as a quick and effective remedy for constipation and has potentiality to kill intestinal worms.

  • Guavas

Guavas is a rich source of soluble fiber that helps in mucus production in the anus and with peristalsis.

  • Vegetables

Squeeze a small amount of garlic, onion, and radish into a carrot, spinach, and parsley juice. For better results it is advisable to consume approximately two cups in the morning.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil stimulates the digestive system and prevents constipation.

  • Lemon juice

The citric acid in lemon juice stimulates the digestive system. It helps in flushing out toxins and undigested material, thus building the colon walls.

  • Coffee

Caffeine is a natural stimulant for the digestive system. Coffee is a diuretic too.

  • Aloe vera

Mix two tablespoon of pure gel with fruit juice in the morning or directly consume aloe vera juice.

  • Establish a good eating routine

Maintain a healthy diet and regulate the timing for bowel movements. It is essential to remain calm and relaxed to get away with constipation.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda relieves pain from pressure, re-alkalizes the stomach, and neutralizing the acid. It is considered a best home remedy.

Sometime administration of rectal glycerin suppository or a stool softener is essential to ease constipation.