Home Remedies for Quick Weight Loss

Increased body weight is a concern for all men and women. According to medical experts and nutritionist, body weight and height must be optimum and proportionate. When fat content in the body exceeds the normal values, it tends to make the body overweighed. Overweight can lead to many diseases and disorders. Overweigh occurs when a person consume more food without working out or burning out energy in the body. There are many natural remedies that can shed extra pounds. Some other causes of overweight or obesity include sedentary lifestyle, overeating, stress and depression, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and pregnancy. It is advisable to practice some home remedies for weight loss at home.

  • Honey and lemon

Intake of a natural weight loss drink prepared by adding a teaspoon of honey, three teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper to it. Consume the preparation in empty stomach, every morning.

  • Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidant that burns rigid fats. Regular consumption of green tea without sugar provides best results.

  • Bottle gourd

Bottle gourd is rich in fibers and has zero fat content. Consumption of bottle gourd will provide a full appetite.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Consumption of apple cider vinegar with water every morning, works best in removing get rid of unwanted fats.

  • Parsley

This herb is a good detoxifier and soothes the stomach wall. It is a good method to cut down calories and burn fat in the body.

  • Carom seeds

These seeds possess weight losing and have appetite stimulating properties. It has laxative component that stimulates bowel movements.

  • Cranberry

Cranberries are source of vitamin C and have various antioxidants that help to prevent the formation of free radicals. It is a good weight-watcher.

  • Cabbage

Cabbages contain tartaric acid that prevents sugars and carbohydrates from converting into fats. Eating a bowl of cabbage helps burn fat deposits from stubborn areas such as bellies and thighs.

  • Capsaicin

The phytochemical compound present in chilli peppers speeds up metabolism, regulates and check on appetite, thus encouraging the body to eat less.

  • Finger millets

Finger millets are a rich source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B1 and B2. It curbs appetite.

  • Jujube leaves

Daily consumption of jujube leaf extract on empty stomach reduces body weight.

  • Water

Drinking plenty of water on the daily basis as water has electrolytes that aids in reducing weight.

  • Vegetables

Eat one and two tomatoes in breakfast. Tomato juice helps to keep the body weight under check. Cucumber contains 90% water and help in breaking fat cells. Daily consumption of carrot juice helps reduce extra fat.

  • Fruits

Eating a large peach on a daily basis lose weight. For quick weight loss, papaya can be taken in empty stomach every morning. It helps in removing gastric problems.

  • Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are one of the best remedies for weight loss. Consumption of a cup of fennel seed before meal can curb your appetite.

  • Avoid carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks impart heavy calories into the body. It is good to replace carbonated drinks with natural juices.

  • Exercise and yoga

Routine cardio exercises and yoga are beneficial for weight loss and removes the accumulated fat from the body.

  • Cinnamon tea

Consumption for cinnamon tea can manage blood sugar levels.

  • Rose petal water

Consumption of rose petal water encourages the body system to flush out clean and hydrated, and is beneficial in losing weight.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng helps to fight fatigue, boosts energy, and is a good weight watcher.