Home Remedies for Red Eyes

The red eye syndrome is also referred as pink eye or popularly as conjunctivitis. It is generally seen to affect school going children, though it may strike anyone. It is a very contagious ailment. There are several home remedies to treat red eyes and seek relief from the characteristic burning & sensitiveness. Some common home remedies are,


Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has malic acid that guard against bacteria. Blend 1 tbsp of purified apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water and use the liquid to wash the eyes. This exercise heals the irritated eyes and prevents worsening of the ailment.


Potatoes have astringent qualities that decrease the inflammation associated with red eyes. Simply apply some grated potato on the eyelids or use a potato as a poultice for beneficial results.

Cold compress

Sprinkle refrigerated water on the eyes. Follow this up with rubbing ice cubes on shut eyelids for a few minutes. It soothes irritated eyes and yields rapid relief from the red eye syndrome.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel has long been used for decreasing inflammation. It also has astringent qualities that decrease the associated swelling. Soak a pad in witch hazel for use as a compress and apply on shut eyelids.

Aloe vera

The juice extracted from the aloe vera plant, diluted with a little water and almost frozen is a good home remedy for treating red eyes. Soak a pad in this solution and apply on the eyelids for a very relaxing / soothing solution.

Frozen vegetables

Put frozen vegetables in a thin cloth bag and place on shut eyelids for a few minutes. The exercise is remarkably effective against the symptoms of red eyes.


A home remedy for treating red eyes is consuming enough fluids / water. Consuming adequate liquids all through the day, assists in hydration of the eyes.

Chilled spoons

An innovative technique for reducing the swelling on account of red eyes, involves using metallic spoons. Immerse the spoons in freezing water and once chilled, put on eyelids. Replace the spoons, once they start getting warm. The cold thus transferred, narrows the blood vessels that decreases the associated swelling. Additionally, it sooths the eyes.


In a cup of boiled water, add some powdered chamomile flowers. Steep the solution for a few minutes before straining it. Once it cools, use the liquid as eye-drops. Chamomile might also be used for a cold compress.


Take 2 tsp of this herb and add into boiling water for use as a warm compress. The same solution may also be used as eye drops.


Cucumber remains to be a common remedy for many eye ailments due to its soothing and moisturizing properties. It decreases the accompanying irritation and inflammation of eyes, due to conjunctivitis. Take two slices of cucumber and refrigerate, before putting them on shut eyelids. This simplistic procedure relaxes them and decreases their soreness.

Tea bags

Tea is a source of flavonoids that combat bacterial / viral infection. Moisten a tea bag of green / black tea and place it on shut eyelids for a few minutes. If the eye/s is/are swollen, moisten the tea bag using refrigerated water and do as before. Tea has tannic acid that reduces the itch. A mild solution may also be used for rinsing the eyes.

Castor oil

A home remedy for treating red eyes is using 100% pure medicine grade castor oil. Most OTC eye drops have this compound. Using a dropper, drip a drop of this oil into each eye. It decreases the swelling / puffiness and eliminates the redness. Follow this procedure thrice daily or as required.