Home Remedies for Sinus Pressure – Get Back Painless Life

Describe sinus pressure

Sinus pressure signifies a triangular (inverted pyramid) pressure sensed on the bridge of nose and forehead. Sinus pressure is often misdiagnosed for migraines or a normal headache arising due to mental stress. Sinus pressure is clinically called sinus headache and is invariably associated with sinusitis.

Sinus headache results in pain & pressure around the sinuses. It often leads to a fever, un-explained fatigue, sore throat and runny nose. It results in extreme cranial discomfort, while moving the head and a diminished ability of smell / taste.

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What aids in this condition


As sinus pressure is linked to sinusitis, decreasing the inflammation of the sinuses by consuming warm fluids may aid. A balanced diet is also vital for a strengthened immunity and guarding against sinus pressure.


Will using the neti pot & massaging correctly aid

Yes, using the neti pot and massaging the irritated area aid in conventional management of sinus pressure. Correct usage of the neti pot enables a greater drainage / decreased inflammation / minimizes pressure of the nasal passages. Ensure that the neti pot contains warmed saline water and blow the nose properly, after its usage. A self-massage is sufficient, if administered correctly, to aid recovery from sinus pressure. A correct massage would imply here, applying pressure from above the eyebrows to the hairline / to the temples, alternately.


What home remedies could treat sinus pressure


Inhaling steam, de-congests the nose and un-obstructs the nasal passage. Therefore, it prevents inflammation of the mucus membrane. To inhale steam, fill a large pot or a saucepan with boiling water and add some drops of eucalyptus oil or menthol. Cover the head and the utensil with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping and inhale.

– Saline

Prepare a saline solution at home by mixing 1 tbsp of table salt and 1 glass of boiled water. Drip this solution into the nostrils to de-congest and clear the nasal passage. Saline solution keeps the concerned passage moist and decreases the inflammation of the sinuses. It is probably the most effective home remedy against sinus pressure.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C augments the immunity and hence, guards against allergens / infections, including those that irritate the sinus. Thus, it is a good option for curing sinus pressure. This vitamin could be derived from lemons / oranges / gooseberries / pineapples / strawberries / broccoli / cauliflowers / etc.

– Soups

Virtually all soups have some medicinal benefits or the other. During an episode of sinus pressure, soups are advised primarily on account of their warmth that de-congests the nasal passage. Additionally, they also strengthen the immunity. They may be infused with pepper, for fortification.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory characteristics that ease the sinus pressure and the accompanying headache. It could be consumed as a capsule or chewed upon raw. However, ginger tea is more effective on account of the warmth of the water it is boiled & steeped in. The warmth reduces the inflammation of the sinuses.


Draining the sinuses eases the pressure within them and leads to a relief from the accompanying headache. Jalapenos may be hot under normal circumstances, but sinus pressure indicates a compromised ability to taste. Munch on a jalapeno for a rapid relief from sinus pressure but do not overdo, as it may result in intestinal problems.


Prepare a paste by mixing equal amounts of cinnamon powder and water and add a pinch of sandalwood powder to it. Smear the combine on the forehead and allow it to stay for about a quarter of an hour, before washing it away with lukewarm water. This procedure offers relatively quick, but temporary, results.