Home Remedies for Snoring – Get Calm Sleep

– Peppermint oil

A home remedy for curing snoring an account of nasal congestion is the use of peppermint oil. As this oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics, it decreases the inflammation of membranes, situated in the inner lining of the nostrils. For stopping to snore, rubbing a few drops of this oil on the lower extremity of the nasal cavity is advised. Alternatively, inhaling steam from water infused with this oil also aids. Gargling with this water may also help.

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– Clarified butter

A simple home remedy, also advised by Ayurveda, for the problem of snoring is using the medicinal benefits of clarified butter, or ghee. Preparing this solution involves heating 1 tsp of ghee derived out of a cow’s milk with a 2 drops of a herb called brahmi and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. A cotton swab soaked in this solution and applied on the inner skin of the nose, before sleep either absolutely eliminates or significantly reduces the incidence of snoring.


– Olive oil

Another popular home remedy for getting rid of snoring is the consumption of some olive oil before sleep. Snoring occurs due to the surplus tissue behind the nose / throat. These surplus tissues obstruct the passage of air and thus, emit snores. Olive oil keeps the concerned tissues lubricated and results in a decreased friction leading to an un-obstructed air flow. That implies minimized snoring. This technique is also prescribed by many homeopaths.


– Sage

A home remedy for curing snores is inhaling the steam from water infused with sage. A convenient alternative is to gargle with the same solution before sleeping. The herb has several medicinal properties such as being an effective anti-inflammatory / anti-hypertensive / antidiabetic / antimicrobial agent. As sage controls inflammation, it can reduce the mucous congestion and thereby decrease the obstructions in the air passage. That translates to a lesser incidence of emitting snoring sounds.


– Nettle leaves

Nettle, found in most homes, is a natural antiviral, or an antihistamine. It also contains bioflavonoids that regulate WBCs, which produce histamines. Allergens irritate histamines and result in congestion of the sinus. By restricting the release of histamines, nettle controls the allergies in the upper respiratory tract. Thereby, it minimizes the incidence of sinusitis and colds that commonly lead to snoring. Tea made from its leaves, resolves snoring to a great extent.


– Thyme essential oil

Another home remedy for treating snoring uses thyme essential oil. This oil naturally calms and hence, needs to be carefully administered. Thyme oil has several other medicinal benefits such as being an antiviral / antifungal / antiaging / antimicrobial / antiparasitical. However, it enables mental relaxation despite exertion and thus, cures snoring. This essential oil needs to be diluted in equal proportions with a carrier oil such as that from olive / coconut and smeared on the feet, every day before sleeping.


– Eucalyptus oil

A simple home remedy for treating snoring is inhaling the steam generated by water infused with eucalyptus oil. Inhaled as steam, it keeps the respiratory passage moist and hence, un-obstructed while breathing. This oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory that, upon application on the inside of the nasal cavity, results in decreasing the swelling in the inner lining and the air passage of the nostrils. Alternatively, eucalyptus oil might also be applied on the feet or dripped on the pillow, before sleep.


– Mint tea

Another simple home remedy for getting rid of snores, is consuming mint tea prior to sleep. Insofar as snoring is concerned, mint has menthol that aids in de-congesting the lungs by eliminating the excess mucous. Additionally, it decreases the inflammation in the air passage, enabling a smooth and un-obstructed transfer of breath. Mint’s other medicinal properties derived from its minerals / vitamins / antioxidants are an added benefit.