Home Remedies for Stretch Marks – Get Back Your Smooth Skin

Vitamin K

A simple home remedy for treating stretch marks is increasing the consumption of vitamin K. This vitamin reduces the possibility of developing stretch marks on the dermis and can be sourced from green vegetables such as cabbage / spinach / spring onion / pickled cucumbers / etc. Alternatively, it can be sourced as capsules.

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– Egg whites

Another popular home remedy that guards against formation of stretch marks is application of egg whites. Egg white possesses various nutrients, including proteins / amino acids that are advised for skin health. Whip the white derived from eggs and paint it on the skin. After it dries naturally, implying absorption, wash and moisturize.


A home remedy for banishing stretch marks, involves sugar. It has natural exfoliative properties, and 1 tsp of it combined with a few drops of each, lemon juice & olive oil, is advised to be rubbed on the existing stretch marks. It should be allowed to stay for about a quarter of an hour, followed with a regular bath and moisturizing.

– Wheat germ

A home remedy to camouflage stretch marks, involves combing the oils derived from wheat germ and calendula, in equal proportions. The prepared herbal mix, is advised to be rubbed on the thighs / hips / abdomen / breasts every day, for about 2 – 3 months. It blends the stretch marks into the complexion and also, functions as a moisturizer.

– Glycerin & lemon

Another home remedy is to infuse a few drops of each, glycerin and lemon juice. The moisture trapping by glycerin and citrus acid of lemon function in a synergy, to decrease the incidence of existing stretch marks and prevent appearance of new ones. Additionally, it doubles-up as an effective moisturizer, as well.

– Potato juice

A potato is a rich source of nutrients and is being studied for skin grafting. It has been observed to restore and even re-grow the dermis. Dermatologists advise upon a diet rich in potatoes. For treating stretch marks, it is advised to be sliced or crushed for rubbing on the affected skin, till its fluids are absorbed. It can then be washed off.

– Alfalfa leaves

The leaves derived from alfalfa are probably advised as fodder for cattle due to being a rich source of nutrients like proteins / amino acids / vitamin E & K / etc. Additionally, they also detoxify and have antifungal characteristics. It is advised to prepare a paste of alfalfa powder and chamomile oil for application on affected skin, twice daily.

– Apricot seeds

The seeds derived from fresh apricots, exfoliate the dermis and even out stretch marks. It is advised to grind 3 – 4 seeds into a paste, for gently scrubbing in circular motions on the stretch marks. Gentle scrubbing with this paste for about a quarter of an hour over a period of 8 – 10 weeks deliver noticeable results.

– Lemon juice

The citric acid component of lemon juice aids in various minor skin disorders such as acne / scars / stretch marks / etc. It is recommended to juice a few lemons and massage with it, in circular motions over the stretch marks, for about a quarter of an hour, before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

– Cocoa butter

A convenient home remedy for treating stretch marks, involves using cocoa butter. It boosts circulation, reduces wrinkles and guards the dermis against the effects of aging. To treat stretch marks, it is recommended to be massaged on, every day for about 12 – 15 weeks for deriving remarkable results.


Other remedies for removing stretch marks, involve using the oils extracted from castor seed / tea tree / lavender / almond / olive / coconut / mustard / etc. Apart from varying nutritional benefits, the basic purpose of all oils remains, keeping the dermis moist and supple.