Home Remedies for Throwing Up

The sensation of wanting to throw up is better known as nausea. The sensation is believed to occur due to motion sickness / morning sickness / food poisoning / inadequate hydration / etc. While the causes of nausea are several, more physical than psychological, consulting a physician is rather un-justified and simple home remedies could instead be tried for relief.

What home remedies may treat the urge to throw up


– Lemon

A simple home remedy to be rid of the sensation of wanting to throw up, is simply slicing a lemon. The citrus smell emanated by a lemon, relieves the intestinal tract and relaxes the senses. It is advised to slice a lemon and absorb its smell by deep inhaling, repeating as required.

– Ginger

Ginger has long been acknowledged for its medicinal qualities. It has been observed to facilitate the secretion of digestive enzymes that balance out the intestinal acids. Additionally, it also has phenols that soothe the irritated stomach muscles by calming the associated tissue and minimizing their hyperactivity. Simultaneously, the phenols aid the intestines in moving the digested foods quicker through the tract that assists in a faster transition of the unsuitable stuff. Thus, it aids immensely in minimizing the urge to throw up. Ginger may be used for making an ale / tea or grated upon a soup. It could be chewed on raw or taken as a health supplement. Irrespective of the way it is consumed, ginger assists rapidly in dispelling the desire to throw up.

– Peppermint

Peppermint exudes a strong fresh smell on account of menthol. It sharp smell pacifies an irritated stomach and calms the mind. It has been observed to aid in relaxing the upset gut and reduce the urge to throw up. It is advised to dab a few drops of peppermint oil on the gums for a rapid relief from the feeling of nausea. Fingertips or some cotton may be used for applying this oil on the gums. This oil might also be inhaled deeply, apart from being orally administered.

– Frozen fruit

A simple home remedy for banishing the sensation of wanting to throw up is freezing slices of fruits with a strong tangy smell and flavor like lime / lemon, oranges / tangerines, pineapples / grapefruit, etc. for nibbling / sucking on. The chill attempt to relieve the irritation in the stomach and it also assists in diverting the attention from nausea. However, in the absence of frozen fruit slices, cooled ones work as effectively.

– Replace fluids / nutrients

A necessary solution for both, preventing nausea and throwing up, is ensuring adequate intake of fluids & nutrients. Both can be supplemented by consuming an oral suspension, occasionally. Throwing up signifies loss of fluids & nutrients, and it is vital to replace these for preventing any aggravation.

– Fresh air

A very simple remedy for treating the urge to throw up, is inhaling deeply some fresh air. Often, stepping out or switching on a fan assists greatly. Also, the air blown by the fan dries out the sweat and it reduces the body temperature eliminating the humid & flushed sensation.

There are various other solutions to assist during an episode of wanting to throw up. Chewing on cardamom / cloves or shifting into a well ventilated area assists. So do several other strategies like acupressure and diversion (of mind) assist. However, a strong urge to throw up should not be resisted as it signifies a natural requirement multiplied by the defense mechanisms. A physician may be consulted, if throwing up results from an underlying cause.