Home Remedies for Thrush


Most women sometimes suffer from an episode of vaginal thrush. A vaginal thrush occurs on account of an infection from the fungal yeast, popularly known as candida spp. For correcting this disorder, treatment by administering oral tablets or inserting pressaries is recommended, apart from topical application of a variety of anti-thrush creams. Corrective procedures usually yield the desired results. Sometimes, women have recurring or repeated episodes of the problem that invariably demands a comparatively lengthier process of correction.

What is thrush

Occurrence of vaginal thrush indicates an infection on account of a fungal yeast known as candida spp. Few candida spp. infest the vaginal skin & the adjacent regions and are usually do not result in any damage. The organisms of the defense mechanisms that co-exist with the benign bacteria generally prevent the candida spp. from spreading and resulting in health problems. Sometimes though, facilitated by a conducive environment, this fungal yeast starts to replicate and results in various health concerns.

A conducive environment for candida spp. to thrive in implies a sultry, warm and moist condition that is devoid of adequate ventilation. Thus, the vaginal area becomes an appropriate and probable location for a candial infection. On account of the mentioned reasons, likely sites for a candial infection are the mouth or the groin, apart from the nappy coverage amongst infants.

Usually vaginal thrush occurs due to an infection with the candida albicans. However, sometimes it may result from other varieties, specifically the candida glabrata or the candida tropicalis.

What home remedies may treat vaginal thrush

– Nutrition

Treating vaginal thrush with home remedies implies abstaining from consumption of sugar or its other popular forms. Candida is proven to be a yeast infection and yeast is observed to survive on various derivatives of sugar. Abstaining from sugars implies avoiding sweet processed foods / alcohols like beer / artificially sweetened beverages / yeast culture breads / yeast extracted spreads / dried fruits / transfatty acids / etc. Nutrients are advised to be included in the diet in the form of fresh vegetables & fruits / fish & lean meats / wholesome grains / etc. However, consumption of fresh fruits should be within limits, as the fruit sugars derived from them may prime the thrush further aggravating the problem. It is also advised to include generous amounts of garlic in the diet, on account of its natural antifungal characteristics. Additionally, it is advised to consume some live natural yogurt each day, as it contributes with augmenting the mucosal immunity through raising the level of good bacteria that eliminate several yeast infections.

– Probiotics

The home remedies for treating vaginal thrush also recommend the regular consumption of some probiotic supplement such as acidophilus, apart from including natural yogurt, each day. Acidophilus, possesses a greater quantity of good bacteria as compared to plain yogurt. In the event of an already existing infection, application of live yogurt on & around the external organ may treat the ailment and reduce the accompanying itch. Another option would be to dab live yogurt on a tampon before insertion. Alternatively, use of sea sponge tampons might also assist in relief from thrush, through being drenched in diluted vinegar / tea tree oil, prior to insertion though this procedure might result in discomfort due to irritation.

– Vaginal acidity

Another simple home remedy for treating vaginal thrush involves augmenting the vaginal acidity with the use of white vinegar. It is advised to dip a tampon in white vinegar or lemon juice and leave it overnight, before insertion. However, this procedure may result in discomfort due to a sensitive skin or vulvovaginal conditions. The natural pH of the vagina lies between 3.5 and 4.5, implying it is acidic in nature. Presence of acid eliminates infection causing micro-organisms. The acidity levels may be easily measured with using testing kits, widely available on the worldwide web or it may be done by a physician. Even, several OTC vaginal pH balancing solutions are freely available.