Home Remedies for Urine Infection

A urine infection is generally caused by germs, i.e, bacteria.  This infection affects those organs which are responsible for production and elimination of urine in the body, viz., the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and the urethra.


Possible reasons for a urine infection are follows:

  1. Stones in the kidneys.
  2. Insufficient urination.
  3. Stopping the urge to urinate.  The stagnated urine in the bladder is more prone to bacteria than that which is released out of the body, at intermittent intervals.
  4. Prostrate problems.
  5. Cysts in the kidneys.
  6. A poor immune system.
  7. Wrong food habits.
  8. Presence of other ailments which weaken the body’s defence mechanism.


Diagnosis and treatment:

A urine analysis and an ultra sonography of the pelvic organs are sufficient for the Urologist to diagnose a urine infection.  The course of treatment usually involves antibiotics and pain killers.

However, persons prone to repetitive urine infections need further examination to eliminate other serious ailments.


Some home remedies to get rid of urine infections are as follows:


Fibre intake:


  • Include natural plant-based foods to increase your fibre intake. Fibre helps in fuller and better elimination.  So, there are greater chances of cleansing the infection-causing bacteria.
  • Vegetables like pumpkin and okra and fruits like ripe papayas and apple, are good for digestion.
  • Leafy greens are also good in creating good digestive health.
  • Fruits like oranges and cranberries provide vitamin C which curb the bacteria and expedite healing.


Coconut Water:


  • Coconut water is very effective in all kinds of infections, especially of the stomach and the urinary tract.
  • Drink at least three glasses of coconut water during the day.
  • Coconut water helps in better urination.  This flushing activity helps in eliminating the bacteria.  Apart from the bacteria, the kidney stones also have a tendency to break down and pass out in the urine, if coconut water is consumed regularly.


Hot and cold compresses.


  • Apply a hot compress on the area of pain.  After about fifteen minutes, alternate this by placing a cloth dipped in ice cold water on the area of pain.
  • This action mitigates the pain and improves the blood circulation in the abdominal area. This would, in turn, stimulate the digestive juices and activate the process. This would help in eliminating the harmful bacteria out of the system.


Vegetable and fruit juices:


  • Take a few cabbage leaves.  Also,  take some spinach leaves. Dice a single carrot.
  • Boil these vegetable in a glass of water until they turn soft.
  • Use a mixer to grind them into a soft pulp.
  • Add some luke warm water to get a thick and colourful juice.
  • Drink this juice, early in the morning.
  • The juice of these vegetables helps in getting rid of bacteria by enabling proper urination.
  • Drinking two to three glasses of unsweetened orange or cranberry juice can also help in solving the problem.


Baking soda and apple cider vinegar:


  • Mix half a teaspoon  good quality baking soda in about 125 ml of water and drink it before retiring to bed.
  • Baking soda has anti-bacterial properties and it helps in getting rid of the problematic bacteria.
  • The same method can be tried with organic apple cider vinegar.  Many patients found positive results within a short time of using apple cider vinegar.


Yogurt and buttermilk:


  • Have atleast two little bowls of home-made yogurt daily.  Yogurt contains probiotics that can help in countering the disease-causing bacteria.
  • Dilute the yogurt to extract buttermilk which should be of a very thin constituency.  Drink buttermilk after every meal. Read more