Home Remedies for Warts

Warts are eruptions appearing on the surface of the skin.  They appear as rough elevated bumps on the skin and can vary in size and shape.  The cause of warts is a virus.  Coming in contact with a person suffering from warts can cause warts as this skin ailment is contagious. Hence, it is very important to exercise utmost caution, both by the patient as well as by the people who come in contact with him.  Absolute hygiene is a must and the patient’s belongings like his towel, bedding etc., should be kept separately.

Warts can appear on any area of the skin.  Howver, they are more prone in areas like elbows, knees, the genital area and inside the mouth.  Warts can also appear on the face, head and on the fingers and feet.

As warts are generally harmless and not cause pain, a few home remedies can easily be tried to get rid of them.  However, to get positive results, these remedies need to be followed diligently, for a considerable period of time, say, more than a month.


Home Remedies:




  1. Dice a potato into thin slices.  Take a few slices and preserve the others in the fridge.  Rub the potato slices on the wart-affected skin, in upward, circulation motions.
  2. If done, regularly, twice a day, this remedy will help a patient in getting rid of warts.  Not only warts, but the affected area of the skin lightens and becomes healthier.


Banana Peel:

  1. This remedy is very similar to the potato remedy.  In this, instead of the fruit, take the peel of the banana and rub it on the wart-ridden area.  Wash off after about ten minutes.
  2. Repeat this action, several times during the day, to get rapid results.




  1. This remedy is not for very sensitive skin types.  Hence, test it on a small area and confirm that the skin does not become allergic.
  2. Take a pod of garlic and crush it.  Apply this paste, lightly, on the warts.  Once it dries off, wash the area thoroughly with a moisturing herbal soap.
  3. Garlic helps in getting rid of warts.


Sesame/ Coconut/ Olive / Camphor oil:


  1. Take a few drops of any of these oils.  Warm the oil lightly.
  2. Massage this oil into the wart-ridden skin.
  3. This action, when done regularly, smoothens the skin in the wart-prone area.  Gradually, the warts get suppressed and the skin regains its health and becomes more smooth and subtle.


Aloe vera Gel:


  1. Apply aloe vera gel on the warts.  Extract the gel  by breaking the aloe vera stem and use the fresh gel.
  2. If this is not available, buy the organic variety and use it on warts.
  3. Aloe vera reduces the infection and evens out the skin.  It even lightens the scars on the skin.


Vitamin C:


  1. Fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges and indian goose berries have been very effective in treating warts.
  2. For this, apply the juice of orange on the warts.  Only a few drops would be required.  Drink the rest of the juice.  Repeat this action, before bedtime.
  3. Else, you can crush a gooseberry, and apply a light layer of the gooseberry extract on the warts.  Add a little honey to the rest of the crushed gooseberry and eat this.  Make this an everyday practice, even after your warts have vanished.
  4. Vitamin C-rich fruits strengthen the immune system.  They fight against disease-causing viruses.  They help in expeditious healing.


Turmeric and sandal powder:


  1. Take good quality turmeric and sandal powder.
  2. Mix a few drops of raw milk.
  3. Apply this on the warts.
  4. When done regularly, this action mitigates warts and contributes to skin health.