Home Remedies For Water On Knee

Home Cures For Water On Knee


The knee joint is required for many human functions such as walking, sitting and bending. Hence the knee can be susceptible to injuries due to its constant usage. The joint consists of bones, cartilages, tendons and ligaments; fluid also engulfs the knee joint to maintain the lubrication of the joints and reduce knee trauma. Now when this fluid starts amassing then it could cause swelling, stiffness and pain at the knee portion. This condition is known as water on knee. Accidental injury and athletic fractures can be responsible for this build-up of the fluid. However certain medical conditions such as Arthritis, obesity and gout are also other factors for this incidence.

Seeking advice from the doctor is vital when affected with this condition and he may suggest methods to extract the excess fluid. Home remedies can be tried when the condition is not severe.

Home Remedies

These home remedies can be useful in combating the discomfort which accompanies the water on knee syndrome.

  • Ice

An ice-pack can be readied and the knee can be stroked with the cold compress for 20 minutes when affected with the water on knee condition. Few ice cubes can be wrapped in a cloth after washing the cubes for the ice-pack. Repeat the remedy every 3-4 hours to minimize the swelling.

  • Elevation

While sleeping or resting, the knee can be relaxed in an elevated pose which can help in the dispersion of fluid from the knee joint. Keep pillows underneath the legs for the same and ensure the leg is above the heart level for maximum benefit. Here the inflammation symptoms can be alleviated thereby imparting some comfort from the knee distress.

  • Rest

Resting is also important when attempting to improve the water on knee ache. It is best not to apply much pressure on the knee joint when recovering. Also strenuous activities should be avoided and if while performing any activity any pain is experienced then it is best to discontinue the same. A couple of days of rest can help in the reduction of fluid from the knee.

Taking the help of crutches can also prove to be a wise decision to avoid applying pressure on the leg or if it is painful to straighten the leg.

  • Compress

Covering the wounded knee with a compressed bandage can also be beneficial in resisting the swelling around the knee. Also the knee will be supported and blood circulation enhancement process will occur with this therapy. The bandage should not be tied extremely tight otherwise the blood flow within the body can be affected.

  • Exercises

Light exercises whilst exerting gentle pressure on the knee can be started few days after the injury. Yoga and swimming are some of the exercises which can contribute in toning the knee muscles and assist in their toughening. The recovery of the water on knee disorder can take place at a faster rate as a result of doing so.

  • Warm Water Therapy

Warm bath or compresses can be commenced when the swelling has reduced after few days of the injury. Hot water can be poured in a bucket and the knee can be immersed in the bucket for 15 minutes. A hot water bag can also be placed on the swollen knee junction. Rubbing the knee with a cloth soaked in hot water can also be beneficial in soothing the body from the knee distress. Having a shower with warm water is also another way of easing the knee swelling and pain.

  • Massage

Gently massaging the swollen knee fraction when imposed with the water on knee quandary can also be effective in resisting the knee anguish. The release of endorphins during massaging act as natural pain-relievers and assist in warding-off the knee despair.