Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Everyone desires a perfect, fit and healthy body.  Layers of fat and saggy skin do not make a pleasant sight. Obesity can be due to a number of reasons.  Some are:


  1. Improper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  2. Wrong eating habits.  This includes eating junk food which is laden with salt and fats.
  3. A sedentary life style.  If you stick to your chair during office hours and to the couch at home, do not expect a lean body!
  4. Heredity.
  5. Lack of exercise.


For cause number 1, above, consult a qualified physician and take steps to rectify the problems.  All other reasons can be tackled if you have sufficient will power.  There are a number of home remedies for weight loss which need to be followed diligently for a considerable period of time to see positive results.  These remedies not only aid in weight loss, they also add to the health of the person.


Lemon, Honey and Warm Water:


  1. This remedy should be followed, everyday, in the morning, on an empty stomach, to get the best results.
  2. Squeeze out the juice of half a lemon.  Add a teaspoon of honey to this.  Add a glass of plain luke warm water.
  3. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and drink.
  4. Honey is anti-microbial and contains useful minerals and amino acids which help in regulating the fats and cholesterol within the body.
  5. Lemon aids in digestion.  It reduces the fats and toxins accumulated in the system.  It helps in faster recovery in any illness.
  6. The third ingredient, water, is required to keep the body well-hydrated and moisturised. Water is required for proper blood and oxygen circulation in the body.  It stimulates the various body parts to become active and speeds up the metabolism.
  7. All the above actions aid in weight loss.


Green Tea  with ginger:


  1. Green tea contains catechins, caffeine and theanine.
  2. The powerful antioxidants in green tea help in burning the fats of the body.
  3. The above action is ensured by boosting the metabolic rate and enhancing the body’s fat burning capacity.
  4. Ginger is known for its role in aiding weight loss.  This is done by helping the body get rid of accumulated toxins.  It aids in lowering the bad cholesterol.
  5. For preparing green tea with ginger, first boil plain water.  While the water is boiling, add the crushed ginger piece to this.  Then add tea leaves.  Now, filter the liquid and add a teaspoon of raw honey.
  6. Have the above drink, twice a day, for faster results.


Bottle Gourd Juice:


  1. Bottle gourd aids in weight loss by ensuring better burning of fats of the body.  This is done by ensuring an excellent digestion.
  2. For making bottlegourd juice, take the vegetable, remove the peels and cut it into small peices.
  3. Pressure cook the pieces and crush them in the mixer by adding a little lukewarm water and a pinch of rock salt.
  4. Drink this, everyday, on an empty stomach.  Do not eat anything for the next one hour.




  1. Enrol in a Gym or go for lighter exercises like opting for an aerobic session.
  2. Else, try a yoga work-out.  Unlike the gym routine which is rigorous and may dissuade a first-timer from continuing with it,  Yoga is slow, steady and relaxes the person who does it.  Unlike faster results obtained through gymming, the benefits of yoga are slow;  however, they are for a life time as they work on the body and the mind .
  3. Supplement your fitness routine with the intake of healthy food.  Include lots of vegetables and fruits.


Please DO NOT do the following to aid rapid weight loss:


  1. Please do not starve.  Starving causes cravings which may result in binge eating and wrong eating.
  2. Do not smoke and indulge in heavy drinking.
  3. Do not go in for carbonated and aerated drinks filled with artificial flavours.
  4. Do not follow a diet just because it is followed by your favourite celebrity.  Each person is different and hence, consult a nutritionist to arrive at a personalised diet plan.