Home Remedies For Whiplash

Home Cures For Whiplash


The whiplash dilemma is associated with uneasiness in the cervical or neck region and the spine due to trauma or injury caused by rapid movements of the head or body. Bruising of the neck joint which consists of ligaments, bones, tissues and muscles can be the basis for whiplash. Accidents, sports and battering are some of the common grounds for the whiplash incidence. Dizziness, tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, stiffness and headaches are some effects of the whiplash strike.

Whiplash injuries need to be checked by a medical practitioner. Also the suitability of home remedies can be discussed with the doctor as they can also be effective.

Home Remedies

The below-mentioned home remedies can be followed for relief from the whiplash distress.

  • Rest

It is essential to allow the neck injury to heal and resting can be helpful in this context. Ensure the bed is comfortable and has a firm mattress and pillow for support. Water-based pillows are known to have a favorable effect in resisting the whiplash despair. They reserve the ability to support the cervical bend while providing relief from the neck ache. Also one should avoid sleeping on the stomach when faced with whiplash as it could lead to worsening of the neck damage. Situate oneself whilst resting on the back and keep the head and neck in a bent position when sleeping.

Restrict work and movements to a nominal degree. Arduous activities and lifting heavy objects can also be curbed when suffering from whiplash. Also it is best to gradually seep into the daily activities regime.

  • Ice Therapy

The frequent use of ice-packs in the first days of the injury can alleviate the whiplash ache and inflammation. Take a towel and wrap a few ice cubes in the towel and then rub the neck gently with the pack for 10-15 minutes on an hourly basis if possible. It is advisable to not expose the bare skin to ice to lower the chances of frostbite occurrence and hence covering the ice-cubes in a towel is instructed.

  • Heat Compresses

After 4 days of the neck injury or after the swelling symptoms of the trauma have subsided, the wound can be treated with heat to enhance muscle elasticity. A clean cloth can be soaked in a vessel filled with hot water and then rested or rubbed at the injury junction. Continue the remedy for 15 minutes and repeat at regular intervals for soothing the neck discomfort.

  • Massage

The later stages of the whiplash recovery course can be aided with gentle massage at the cervical and spine section. Massages can promote blood circulation thereby providing nutriment to the body whilst improving immunity which helps in healing the damaged tissues. The endorphins are also released with massaging which act in a manner so as to alleviate the whiplash pain. The neck muscles are also relaxed with massages due to the expansion of the blood vessels which promotes blood flow in the region. A hot shower before commencing the massage regime can result in imparting further comfort to the body.

  • Exercises

Practicing exercises which can stretch the neck portion can be beneficial in improving their health and flexibility. Moving the head and neck from side-to-side or front-to-back are some motion exercises which can facilitate in lowering the neck stiffness and increasing mobility. A therapist can also be consulted regarding the exercises to be performed in an attempt to triumph over the whiplash injury.

  • Body Nutrition

Keeping the body nurtured is also vital when tackling whiplash. The consumption of wheat-germ is encouraged during the whiplash resurgence period due to its vitamin-B and vitamin-E content which aids tissue repair. Magnesium is also recommended to minimize the stiffness in the cervical fraction. Other foods including oats, nuts, green vegetables, muesli and sunflower seeds are also recommended to fortify the body with nutrients.