Home Remedies for Zit under Skin

Formation of a zit under the skin is a painful episode. It implies the development of a pimple under the skin’s surface. As its exact location and magnitude is unknown, it becomes all the more difficult to treat. However, some home remedies assist in drawing the pimple t the skin’s surface and exposing its head. A few home remedies that may be tried are,

– Aloe vera

An aloe vera plant is sturdy and easy to grow in the garden or even pots. The leaves of this plant have a soothing effect and decrease the redness / swelling / inflammation on account of its inherent antibacterial characteristics. It also heals the irritated skin. It is advised to slice a leaf and gather the gel-like fluid that lies within, for applying on the affected area. Allow the substance to be absorbed for about a quarter of an hour, before washing it away with lukewarm water. Regular observation of this procedure over a few days, yields positive results.

– Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol in any form disinfects and as it evaporates rapidly, cools the skin. It assists in cleansing the skin and opening the pores. On account of such properties, rubbing alcohol decreases the incidence of zits under the skin. It is advised to spray or sprinkle a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the blind pimple to enable it, surfacing on the skin. In absence of rubbing alcohol, some alcohol-based disinfectant may be used.

– Apple cider vinegar

The medicinal value of apple cider vinegar has long been acknowledged. It has antiseptic characteristics that inhibit the bacteria from resulting in skin infections. Additionally, it also facilitates the circulation. It is advised to dab the affected area with apple cider vinegar or consuming 1tsp of it in a glassful of warm water. Either procedure enables the blind pimple, or the zit under the skin, to surface. However, apple cider vinegar should not be used excessively on the skin as its acidity might result in discomfort.

– Lemon juice

The citric acid in lemon juice cleanses the skin by eliminating the unwanted bacteria and dirt particles through its astringent-like qualities. Thus, it facilitates early and relatively painless resolution of the zits under the skin. It is advised to apply some lemon juice on the inflamed area for about a quarter of an hour, before washing it away. This exercise needs to be repeated several times every day, for a few days to derive results.

– Epsom salt

A simple home remedy for treating zits under the skin involves using epsom salt. Epsom salt has been observed to decrease the associated pain and inflammation. It is advised to stir 1 tbsp of epsom salt in a glassful of hot water and applied on the affected area, once the solution cools. After it is absorbed and dries naturally, it may be washed away. Repeating this procedure a few times every day, for a few days results in the blind pimples rapidly surfacing by exposing their head.

– Tea tree oil

The Aborigines of Australia swear by the tea tree oil and there is no denying its exalted status in holistic medicine. This oil has antibacterial characteristics, calms an irritated skin and works as a cleanser. Judiciously used, tea tree oil resolves blind pimples rapidly. It is advised to take 1 tsp of this oil and dilute it with 9 tsp of water, for applying on the affected skin. Let it remain for abut 10minutes, before washing it away with lukewarm water. However, if the skin is sensitive to this solution, the oil might be diluted with aloe vera gel, instead. Follow with moisturizing the site of application.