Home Remedies for Zits on Nose

Acne on the nose

Acne tends to manifest on the nose as it sheds a greater amount of dead cells and is more oily comparatively. Additionally, more air circulates around the nose on account of inhaling that enables environmental pollutants and dust / dirt particles accumulating and converting into pimples, blackheads and/or whiteheads.

The nose is located in the region of the face that secretes the maximum oil. It is also endowed with the maximum capillaries below the skin. Excess secretion of oil results in acne vulgaris. Breaking of capillaries results in rosacea. While both are different, they result in discomfort and inflammation. Either, has its own distinct feature.

Acne vulgaris typically features,

– Whiteheads and blackheads rather than pimples

– Aggravation of the problem in summers

– More likely to affect dark skinned people

– May manifest on the chin and the forehead

While, rosacea typically features,

– Tiny red pimples rather than whiteheads or blackheads

– Aggravation of the problem in winters

– More likely to affect light skinned people

– May additionally manifest on the cheeks

How can acne vulgaris be managed

Acne vulgaris cannot be scrubbed away. Cleansing the skin regularly eliminates the dead cells and unblocks the pores. It may inhibit future occurrence of whiteheads / blackheads but does not eliminate the ones existing.

During winters, the skin on the nose might be oily whereas the cheeks may be dry. During the summers both, the nose and the cheeks may be oily. Thus, cleansing the skin should be altered with the change in season.

How can rosacea be managed

Rosacea cannot be scrubbed away as it is caused by damaged capillaries and additional pressure may actually aggravate the problem. Strong cleansers or cinnamon oil might contribute to intensifying the issue.

Rosacea may be treated with deep pore cleansers or facial waters. However, swollen sebaceous glands might be treated with benzyl peroxide. The nose is particularly sensitive to the sun and rosacea could be heightened due to exposure.

What if both acne vulgaris and rosacea coexist

Acne is not limited to affecting the cheeks, chin or forehead. It might manifest on the nose other than the back, upper arms and chest. Regular cleansing is advisable for areas prone to this skin problem.

Physicians may treat acne depending on their genesis. Intense pulsed light is sometimes used to treat rosacea. While, other treatments might be advised for controlling acne vulgaris.

What home remedies may be tried

Several home remedies could treat acne. Most solutions use the ingredients commonly engaged for treating acne in general. Some such ingredients are,

– Aloe vera                                                        – Oatmeal                                                                      – Neem

– Honey                                                             – Garlic                                                             – Turmeric

– Lemon                                                                        – Vinegar                                                                       – Orange

– Baking soda                                                     – Tea tree oil                                                      – Apple cider vinegar

– Basil                                                               – Raw papaya                                                     – Cucumber

– Rice flour                                                        – Steam                                                             – Gram flour


While treating acne with home remedies, it is essential to adopt a few measures such as,

– Refraining from plucking out white hair

– Avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption

– Staying adequately hydrated

– Exercising regularly to enable the sweat pushing out the accumulated dirt

– Keeping away hair products and dandruff from the skin

It is vital to refrain from touching the acne and resisting the urge to puncture them. It is also important to avoid sunburn and impurities accumulating on the nose. It is recommended to regularly cleanse and scrub the nose with standard aids. It has been observed that washing the affected area with soap and drying with clean medium guards against pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.