Honey , Aloe vera & Olive Oil as Acne Scars Home Remedies

– Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains the citric acid found in lemons. It naturally brightens the skin and can assist in fading the dark scars away. Additionally, lemon juice has vitamin C that aids in re-generating the collagen. However, the skin becomes sensitive to sunburn upon application of lemon juice. It is recommended to squeeze a lemon for deriving fresh juice, subsequently, this juice could be dabbed directly on the scars with fingertips or cotton. A few drops of honey could be added to the lemon juice for added effectiveness. It is vital to wear a sunscreen before venturing out, after applying lemon juice.

– Honey

A simple home remedy for treating acne scars is using honey. It not just treats the acne scars but also the acne. It is advised to blend 2 tbsp of honey with a quarter cup of oatmeal for applying on the acne scars and letting it stay for about a quarter of an hour before washing off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, a half tsp of cinnamon powder could be blended with 1 tbsp of honey and applied on the acne scars for a few hours or overnight and washed off the following morning. 2 tbsp of honey could also be mixed with 2 – 3 tablets of powdered aspirin for their salicylic content and exfoliation.

– Aloe vera

A remedy for resolving acne scars is the use of the herb, aloe vera. It is a prime constituent of medications that calm an irritated skin and also of most moisturizers. The gel derived from aloe vera leaves aids in reducing the swelling and rebuilding the damaged tissues. It is advised to skin an aloe vera leaf to expose the gel lying underneath. Dab this gel with fingertips on the acne scars, leaving it for about an half hour before washing off. This procedure is recommended to be repeated twice every day for a few weeks before a glowing skin is achieved.

– Olive oil

The medicinal virtues of olive oil have long been acknowledged. Olive oil has vitamin A / B1 / B2 / C / D / E apart from being a rich source of iron and several antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of this oil aid in treating the acne scars. It is advised to take some olive oil in a bowl for massaging on the face, stressing on the areas where the acne scars are visible. Once the oil has been absorbed, cover the face with a warm towel and gently wipe away the excess oil. Subsequently, after a few minutes wash the face with normal water and sleep with a clean skin.

– Baking soda

A simple but popular home remedy for treating acne scars is the usage of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, as it is popularly known. Baking soda has various medicinal characteristics though for diminishing acne scars, its physical properties are of consequence. Baking soda consists of fine rough particles that stirred in water gently exfoliate the skin. These particles peel away the dead skin on the surface and expose the fresh skin underneath. Also, the removal of dead cells enable the skin to breathe and prevents clogging of the pores, resulting in a lustrous glow.

– Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has various medicinal qualities including antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory apart from being an astringent. Additionally, it also harmonizes the acidity levels of the skin, upon topical application. It is a rich source of vitamins / minerals / aldehydes / amino acids, other than antioxidants. On account of peeling away dead skin cells, it diminishes the acne scars. It is recommended to blend apple cider vinegar, honey and water for direct application on the site of acne scars for about half an hour. If the blend feels sticky, it may be later rinsed off with warm water.

– Vitamin E

A popular solution for resolving acne scars is using vitamin E oil extracted from its capsules. This compound is an agent that hydrates the skin on account of its moisturizing effects. Thus, it makes the acne scars less visible. Vitamin E is also supposed to aid vitamin A that is essential for a flawless skin. Shortage of vitamin E could result in a dry skin prone to acne. It is advised to steam the skin on the face for dilating the pores and subsequently applying the vitamin E oil in gentle circular motions till it is absorbed, before washing off.