Honey & Other Xerosis Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Xerosis

When the outer layer of the skin loses its moisture and becomes very dry, this condition of dry skin is called Xerosis in medical term. The name comes from the Greek word ‘Xero’ which means dry. The condition can easily be treated with home remedies. Let’s take a look at few of them……..

10 remarkable home remedies for Xerosis

  1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water will keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness.
  1. Aloe vera gel has an excellent moisturizing effect on the skin. Applying aloe vera gel on the dry skin will help the skin to become smooth, preventing dryness.
  2. As soon as you come out of the shower, apply a handful of salt on your wet skin. Salt is capable of making your skin smooth by removing dryness.
  3. Rub coconut oil over your body about 15 minutes before you have a bath. Coconut oil is a wonderful remedy for dry skin.
  4. Make an exfoliating mask by mixing together 2 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp honey and a little water. Exfoliate your face with this mask and leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse your face. Both oats, which is rich in vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the skin, and honey soothes your skin and removes dryness.
  5. Mash 2 ripe bananas and apply on your face and neck. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse. Banana is beneficial removing dryness and makes your skin smooth.
  6. Grind half an avocado and mix it with 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and rinse after 15 minutes. Olive oil is a powerhouse of vitamin E, and it moisturizes the skin with this vital nutrient, making the skin glow.
  7. Honey is a superb moisturizer for dry skin as it has the ability to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dryness and it is also a good cleansing agent. Make a face mask by mixing together 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp almond oil, 1 tbsp yogurt and 1 egg yolk. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off.
  8. Make a face mask by mixing ½ cup yogurt and 3 tbsp of ripe papaya paste. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water and pat dry. Papaya will exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells and will also hydrate the skin and help to achieve smooth and supple skin. The lactic acid in yogurt softens and soothes the skin. Face masks for dry skin treatment can also be made by mixing ½ cup yogurt with 2 tbsp of honey and or by mixing ½ cup yogurt with 2 tbsp of powdered orange peel.
  9. There is another effective face mask for treating skin dryness. Make a face mask by mixing 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp lime juice, 1 tsp orange juice, 1 egg yolk and a few drops of rose water and apply on the face and wash it away after 15 minutes.


The symptoms of Xerosis or dry skin includes dryness and roughness of the skin, itching, redness, scaling and peeling of skin, cracks and lines appear on the surface of the skin etc. and if you notice any of these symptoms, just try out the effective home remedies and get a smooth and glowing skin.