Honey,Cucumber,Oatmeal,Aspirin as Underarm Rash Home Remedies

Essentials for treating an underarm rash

– Hygiene is essential for preventing and treating an underarm rash. Ensure regular baths and showers every day, perhaps more during summer months.

– Avoidance of cosmetic soaps and other scented / fragrant products that might result in irritating the skin and leading to an itch, should be discontinued.

– Discontinue using old and rusted razors for shaving the underarms as they result in exerting a greater pressure on skin and might lead to razor burns.

– The skin should be tested for sensitivity to new deodorants and other fragrances such as scents and talcum powder for adverse reaction to any allergens.

– The diet should include meals rich in vitamins C & E, as the former boosts the immunity and the latter ensures healings skin disorders / health.

– Use of ice cubes or crushed ice soothes the skin irritated on account of summer heat or accumulated bacteria on account of excessive sweating.

How could underarm rashes be treated with home remedies

– Cold compress

A simple home remedy for treating an underarm rash is using a cold compress on the affected skin. It decreases the skin lesions and itch. The transfer of chill soothes an irritated skin and yields an instantaneous relief. It is suggested to wrap some ice cubes or crushed ice for applying on the rash or other using freezing / chilled water, instead.

– Aloe vera

Aloe vera soothes an irritated skin on account of its cooling effect. The extract from this plant also acts as a moisturizer. It delivers rapid relief from an itch and inflammation, speeding the healing process. It is recommended to peel an aloe vera leaf for deriving the gel inside and applying it directly on the afflicted skin of the underarm.

– Baking soda

Baking soda has several medicinal virtues that include eliminating the microbes and restoring the pH balance of the skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, it decreases the incidence of a skin rash and the associated itch. Stir 1 tbsp of this compound in a glass of water and put on the irritated skin for a few minutes.

– Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains potent antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This compound eliminates microbes, controls itching and heals the skin rashes on the underarms. Stir 5 – 6 drops of tea tree oil in 2 tbsp of water for applying directly on the injured skin and rinsing after 10 minutes or so.

– Aspirin

Aspirin is a popular compound and is usually a constituent in every medicine box. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics decrease the tenderness and the inflammation, affecting the underarm skin. Dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in 1 tsp of warm water for dabbing on the afflicted skin and rinse the area after a few minutes.

– Oatmeal

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory agents and it also soothes the underarm skin. It decreases the skin inflammation and the discomfort arising from accumulated sweat on account of heat. It is suggested to combine oatmeal & plain yogurt in equal proportions for applying on the tender underarm skin and rinsing off, after about 30 minutes.

– Cucumber

Cucumber has vitamins C & K other than moisturizing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It also naturally cools and soothes an irritated skin. Slice or grate a cucumber for chilling and applying on the underarm rash. Otherwise, chill a pureed cucumber stirred in half a cup of milk for applying on the underarm rash.

– Honey

The medicinal value of honey includes its antibacterial characteristics. Other than that it also decreases the skin inflammation and risk of infections. Additionally, it moisturizes the skin. Dab a few drops of honey on the underarm skin and allow it to be absorbed naturally before rinsing it off with cold water, for a rapid relief from underarm rashes.