Jealousy- Home Remedies !!!

Describe jealousy

Jealousy is a stress response. The word jealousy implies lack of ownership over things / circumstances, others may / appear to possess. The feeling arises due to a sense of helplessness at being unable to impose one’s desires. That inability in-variably leads to manipulation, the result of which causes anxiety and hence, stress.

Jealousy is a human trait, though it becomes a problem when it starts influencing routine life and health. Severe jealousy could be treated with psychiatric counseling complimented with an understanding assurance. However, it is not as simple as it might sound. Jealousy often results in an unnatural possessiveness / protectiveness.

Can jealousy be cured / handled at home

Numerous psychiatric disorders could be treated by extreme patience and thorough understanding. Especially, behavioral disorders do not require any drugs or aids and may be corrected without enlisting the assistance of a specialist. However, an external counselor or a psychiatrist may be consulted, if the situation is anticipated to turn un-conducive.

At home and within the immediate environment, certain strategies may responsibly handle instances of jealousy. These are,

– Between couples, it is vital to effectively communicate the sense of a commitment amongst each other. The spouse’s mingling with the opposite gender usually results in guessing / imagining the intentions. The element of uncertainty, which accompanies guesswork needs to be removed by an effective display of commitment. That eliminates the reasons responsible for jealousy.

– It is human to be attracted to the opposite gender. However, it does not imply transcending the boundaries of an existing commitment. It is advised to discuss the subject with the partner and explore the avenues for a probable association. Confronting the issue reduces the possibilities of an unpleasant separation. Undoubted commitment to current status minimizes the instances of jealousy.

– During a phase of being committed, a couple gradually begins to structure their life around each others’ convenience. However, after a separation circumstances change, especially with the introduction of another individual. What came naturally previously now has to be pre-planned. Thus, it is advised to schedule both, times & means of contact, as indifference / apathy disable the fight against jealousy.

– Expressing doubts & assumptions are vital for managing & handling jealousy. A refrain from or an inability to do so, leads to accusations and spying. Discussing issues without being demeaning earns confidence that enables stating facts. Interchange of factual information as compared to implicit requests, for instance financial security, aids in a one-on-one communication and thus minimizes the risk of arousing suspicion.

– Jealousy is a stress response implying an increased vulnerability during anxious circumstances. One could avoid / reduce stress by drugs, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, stress management programs, meditation / yoga, etc. Trying to or successfully managing stress, eases accepting the reassurance from the partner. It is perhaps the only physical dimension of this problem.

– Do not fear rejection as it disables seeking an assurance. An assurance is sought to pacify insecurity. A rejection would only leave the insecurity unaddressed. Seeking an assurance genuinely often evokes a sensible response. Mutual transparency is advised before evaluating each others’ response to request for an unambiguous support. It minimises the possibility of feeling mis-lead.

These measures are advised to be adopted by matured individuals only. Such individuals are expected to be able to identify possessiveness and protectiveness separately, as a natural predisposition. Such individuals are advised to accept others, much as they would be. It is indifference / apathy that kills relationships and not an argumentative behavior. Jealousy is a stress response and a sense of hopelessness leads to intentional ignorance and therefore, over time, an indifference.