Lemon,Cucumber & Potato : Home Remedies for Zit Redness


Zits, or pimples, manifest mostly on the face. They may also appear on the neck or the back. Primarily they occur on account of a bacterial infection facilitated by blocked pores or hair follicles. The skin secrets an oil for ensuring the elasticity and it additionally allows the environmental pollutants to stick & accumulate. These microscopic particles seal the openings through which the skin breaths. The skin continues to secrete substances such as oil and sweat that are unable to escape on account of being restricted. Over time, these substances begin to de-generate and become food for microbes to survive on. The confined space further facilitates a conducive environment for these microbes to thrive in. The defense mechanism attempts to expel these invaders and the tussle results in skin inflammation. Ultimately it leads to a visible redness and persistent itching. Once the pimples ulcerate, they are likely to infect the surrounding skin. Thus, it is necessary to keep the skin clean of dead cells and probable blockages. Zits and the redness they result in can be easily prevented by regular exfoliation and skin hygiene.

What home remedies may be tried

– Lemon

Lemon has citric acid that eliminates the bacteria responsible for causing zits and the associated redness. It is advised to spray or sprinkle some lemon juice before sleeping, on a clean skin. The substance may be diluted with some water if it sensitizes the skin.

– Vinegar

Use of vinegar too may eliminate zits and therefore the redness they result in. It is advised to boil a half cup of vinegar and allow the skin to absorb its steam. However, if the vapors result in discomfort, the vinegar may be diluted with some water.

– Orange peel

It is recommended to dry the peel taken from some oranges, for powdering. The powder may be mixed with some water to derive a thick and smooth paste, for application on the affected skin. This procedure is effective in guarding against an irritated skin.

– Cucumber

Another remedy to soothe the skin reddened by the inflammation on account of zits recommends using a cool grated cucumber on the affected areas. Some drops of lemon might also be added for greater effectiveness. Cucumber hydrates and calms the skin.

– Potato

An effective remedy to relieve the itching and redness caused by zits is application of a grated raw potato on the affected area. It is advised to ensure the site of application is cleaned both, before and after the application as the starch might act like glue.

– Garlic

Garlic has potent antibacterial characteristics and it also detoxifies. It is advised to grate a few cloves of garlic on meals or crushing & subsequently diluting them with water for application on the affected areas, to eliminate zits.

– Oatmeal

It is recommended to boil some oatmeal for application on the affected areas for about a quarter of an hour. Oatmeal soothes & calms an irritated skin, thereby minimizing the redness & swelling that accompany zits.

– Honey

A simple home remedy for treating zits and the accompanying redness is dabbing a few drops of organic honey on the inflamed skin and subsequently moisturizing. Honey contains natural antimicrobial agents that attempt to eliminate zits.

– Ice

Gently massaging the affected skin with some ice cubes shrinks the pimples. Thus, they reduce the redness and inflammation arising on account of zits. However, ice cubes do not cure the problem and are only a temporary measure.

– Toothpaste

All toothpastes have fluoride and menthol. Both the ingredients effectively guard against microbes that result in zits. Additionally, the menthol also cools the skin and reduces the incidence of redness.