Olive Oil ,Aloe Vera,Calendula as Home Remedies for Vaginal Atrophy

Home Cures for Vaginal Atrophy


An imbalance in the estrogen levels in women can be responsible for thinning and swelling of the vaginal lining which is a condition that is recognized as vaginal atrophy. This disorder occurs when the body experiences hormonal changes during the breast-feeding stage and menopause. Vaginal dryness, itching, burning sensation, painful urination are also symptoms of this illness.

There are various ways to combat the vaginal atrophy state including the usage of vaginal creams. One can also take the help of home remedies to treat oneself. However it is advisable to visit the doctor to confirm the fact that the discomfort is due to the vaginal atrophy occurrence before commencing on the home therapy spree.

Home Remedies

Tackling the vaginal atrophy pain can be made easy with the following home remedies.

  • Olive Oil Remedy

The curative benefits of olive oil can be reaped during the vaginal atrophy revival stage. Apply the oil at regular intervals on the affected area to relieve oneself from the vaginal discomfort.

  • Daily Exercise

Exercising is also vital when inflicted with vaginal atrophy to enhance blood circulation within the body. Here blood flow is boosted to the vaginal region and balancing of the hormonal levels takes place. Disparity in the hormones can occur due to age factors. Maintaining a daily exercise regime can help in correcting the hormone levels whilst preventing the onset of vaginal atrophy.

Performing kegel exercises can also prove to be beneficial in toughening the vaginal muscles and improving vaginal health.

  • Dietary Considerations

Alterations in the diet plan can also have a favorable effect in keeping the vagina lubricated. Foods that are sources of fatty acids can be helpful in this context. Seeds such as sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are advisable to consume as they are rich in fatty acids. Fish and raw pumpkin also contain this nutrient and can be added to the diet chart.

The consumption of foods containing isoflavones including flax seeds, soy, apples, nuts, celery, cherries and legumes can also have a positive effect in solving the vaginal atrophy crisis.

It is also wise to drink sufficient water to keep oneself hydrated when recuperating from vaginal atrophy. Sipping 8 glasses of water can aid in flushing the toxins thereby improving overall health.

  • Aloe Vera Benefits

The therapeutic value of aloe vera can also contribute in treating vaginal atrophy. Infections and inflammation can be controlled when the gel is applied on the dry vaginal portion. Repair of the damaged vaginal tissues can also be assisted with the herb. The gel can be extracted from the aloe vera plant. Also the same can be purchased from health stores.

  • Calendula Cure

The employ of calendula cream during the vaginal atrophy recovery phase can also be a judicious decision. The vagina can be moisturized with the application of the cream thereby warding –off vaginal infections. The anti-inflammatory properties of the cream can also lower the inflammation and itching associated with the vaginal atrophy distress. The manufacture of collagen is also encouraged with calendula which can help in the timely healing of the dehydrated vaginal tissues.

  • Black Cohosh

Normalized vaginal functions can also be achieved with the consumption of black cohosh. Supplements of the herb can be taken after consultation with a doctor. Before embarking on the herbal supplement course it is better to check with a doctor as the herb capsules may not be suitable for people with a medical history of cancer and other sicknesses.

  • Vitamin and Minerals Intake

The intake of vitamins and minerals can also keep the vagina nourished thereby preventing further vaginal atrophy distress. Vitamin-C rich foods can be eaten to enjoy the anti-oxidant benefits of the vitamin and for boosting the immunity levels.

Also foods that are sources of the zinc mineral can toughen the immune system. These include oats, meat, wheat-germ and sea-weeds. Zinc supplements are also recommended here.

Stroking the vagina with vitamin-E oil is another way of soothing the vaginal membranes. The vitamin-E capsules can be cracked and the oil can be put in the afflicted vaginal area.