Onions and Garlic , Capsicum and peppers as Home Remedies For Blood Clots

The escape of blood from the site of an open wound gets reduced when the mechanism of hemostasis begins to set in.  This is a process commenced to arrest any type of bleeding happening from vascular damage, that will eventually end up in the formation of blood clots.

Blood Clotting

The blood clotting process involves subjecting the blood to undergo a series of complex physical and chemical reactions that ultimately converts fluid blood into solidified or congealed mass of blood components.  When the walls of a certain blood vessel becomes damaged or injured, and blood happens to force out from within, there is a sequence of events initiated inside to seal this rupture.  An additional supply of platelets is provided to the injured area, where they start the process of blood coagulation until clots get formed.

When clots develop to close open wounds, and they remain stationary, then there is no cause of worry.  However, when blood remains stagnant in any particular body area for a very long time, it will display this tendency to coagulate and turn into clots, which then will turn into a very worrisome problem.

Overtime, a clot formed will dissolve; but it can also turn into an embolus, wherein the clot dislodges from its point of origin and travel to other body locations.  Sometimes, the clot can continue to grow in size as well.

Clots appearing superficially can be handled well with natural treatment methods.  But even these, and clots happening deeper inside the system, will have to be treated well with conservative treatment methods when the need arises.

Home Remedies For Blood Clots

An application of warm and cold packs alternatively to the site of clot seen, or to the area that feels tender and sore after observing some form of an injury or trauma, will ensure that there is no interruption in the flow of blood happening around the site of clot.  With smooth movement of blood flow occurring, the clot will eventually break down and disperse, before it can even turn into something harmful.

Even massaging the area will provide the same effect, but this action often cannot be carried out for the clotted area will usually be very painful and tender, and these sensations only get aggravated with manipulation of such tissues.

Onions and garlic contain certain compounds that are found to decrease the conversion process of fibrinogen to fibrin in the body, which is what actually leads to the activation of platelets to support clot formation.  Crush a few pods of garlic and a couple of ginger slices, extract its juices, and consume on a regular basis to reduce the occurrence of clots within.  One could also add these herbs into their daily cuisines to reap its health benefits.

Capsicum and peppers are also considered as natural foods with the ability to prevent platelets from adhering together.  So if one is prone to forming clots, these should be part of their regular meal.

In order to prevent stagnation of blood, which can promote clot formation as stated above, it is important to keep the body moving.  Simple daily exercises like walking, jogging is recommended to keep the flow of blood within its vessels smooth and continuous.

Do not permit clots to provoke an onset of serious health problems.  Seek medical care as and when required.