Passion flower,Plantain, Castor oil, Sunflower seeds as Tinnitus Home Remedies

How could tinnitus be treated with home remedies


Tinnitus signifies a constant ringing or buzzing sound, sensed in the ears. It is a common problem that could be easily treated with natural home remedies. It is pertinent to modify the diet to compliment the treatment of tinnitus with natural home remedies. Is is suggested to include,

– Foods that are rich in nutrients such as garlic, sea vegetable whole leaf & stem, etc.

– Items that combat inflammation and fight tinnitus such as pineapples.

– Meals consisting of seafood, pumpkin, cocoa, nuts, etc. that provides zinc.

– Vitamin B sourced from cabbage, spinach, bran, wheat, salmon, sweet potato, etc.

– Amino acids and phytogenic agents from legumes, fresh fruits and green vegetables.

– Minerals like manganese, iodine, copper, sulfur, iron, etc. and protein.

– Restricting intake of saturated fatty acids like dairy products, processed foods, etc.


Home remedies


Stress aggravates tinnitus and thus, it is suggested to handle it with meditation, exercise, biofeedback, stress management, relaxation therapy, deep breathing, etc. Exercise also enhances the circulation in ear apparatus.

– Nasal drip

A nasal drip decongests the sinuses and hence, decreases tinnitus. It is suggested to mix 1 tsp of each – salt & glycerin in half a cup of warm water, for a natural homemade nasal drip. Subsequently, this drip may be used like commercial nasal sprays.

– Salt

Salt has sodium. The chemical raises the blood pressure and results in hypertension, leading to tinnitus. It is therefore suggested to inhibit consumption of crackers, chips, salted cookies, etc., other than restricting its use in meals.

– Caffeine

Caffeine limits the circulation in the head by constricting the capillaries and hence, it aggravates tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Therefore, it is suggested to generally inhibit the consumption of this substance.

– Onion

Onions are a rich source of quercetin, chromium and vitamins A / C that augment the immunity and restrict free radicals. They also govern the blood sugar and combat infection / inflammation. Therefore, it is suggested to increase the intake of onions.

– Fenugreek

Fenugreek is another item that keeps the blood sugar in check, other than restricting cholesterol and combating infection / inflammation. Thus, it is suggested to make a generous quantity of fenugreek, a part of regular diet.

– Oregano

Oregano is a potent natural antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance that assist in guarding against tinnitus. Additionally, it is rich in thymol, carvacol and antioxidants that ward off ear disorders.

– Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds have vital nutrients that impact the health of bones (including those in ears), other than guarding against free radicals and accumulated toxins. It is suggested to consume sunflower seeds for relief from tinnitus.

– Castor oil

Castor oil has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that augment the immunity to inhibit tinnitus. It is suggested to drip a few drops of this oil in the ear canal for relief from the ringing & buzzing sounds.

– Plantain

Plantain detoxifies the ear apparatus and thereby, restricts tinnitus. It is suggested to consume 2 tbsp of plantain extract in juice, three times every day. Alternatively, some drops of plantain extract could be mixed with water for rinsing the ears.

– Passion flower

Passion flower stimulates the circulation and it is thus, prescribed for trating cardiovascular disorders. Stimulating the circulation is also beneficial for treating tinnitus. Additionally, it also decreases the stress and sedates.

– Mistletoe

This herb, mistletoe, is a blood purifier and a circulation enhancer. By enhancing circulation, it ensures delivery of adequate oxygen and nutrients to the ear. It is suggested to soak mistletoe overnight, for consuming the water the following morning.