Potato ,Fenugreek,Green Tea as Home Remedies for Wrist Pain

Home Cures for Wrist Pain


Soreness of the wrist portion of the hand can be responsible for wrist pain. Usually wrist pain is coupled with inflammation. Wrist pain can erupt due to old age, vitamin deficiency and straining. Medical illnesses such as Arthritis, diabetes and thyroid are also triggers of this abnormality.

Wrist pain is experienced by one and all at different life stages. However the disorder can easily be reversed with the help of home cures. Making lifestyle alterations is also part of the resurgence procedure. Medications may not or may not be effective and they may also have negative side-effects. Here it is advisable that simple natural methods be practiced before embarking on the pill spree.

Home Remedies

Wrist pain can be resisted with home remedies which are studied in the below points.

  • Linseed Oil

Consuming linseed oil is a method of tackling wrist pain. The omega-3 fatty acid content in linseed oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help in easing the swelling symptoms of a sore wrist. Take 1 tablespoon of linseed oil in the morning for 25-30 days as part of the wrist pain revival course.

  • Omega-3

Foods rich in omega-3 are also recommended when suffering from wrist pain due to their ability of correcting the swelling symptoms of wrist pain. Fish is a good source of omega-3 and hence fish consumption can prove to be helpful in alleviating the inflammation.

  • Cinnamon Cure

The restorative benefits of cinnamon which includes its anti-inflammatory characteristics can also be enjoyed with its usage. Sprinkle cinnamon powder in a glass of water and add honey to the mixture before its gulping. Pursuing this remedy once a day is enough.

Also a mixture of powdered cinnamon and honey can be prepared and applied at the painful wrist portion in an attempt to control the swelling. After 15-20 minutes the paste can be washed off.

  • Green Tea

Exploiting the goodness of green tea which includes its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties is also a method of resisting wrist pain. Bone density can be increased and bone health can be maintained with the downing of green tea. Drink 2-3 cups on a daily basis for curing the wrist pain anguish.

  • Vitamin B6 Foods

Foods containing the vitamin-B6 nutrient are also advised to be incorporated in the daily diet plan when combating wrist pain. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, tuna, pork, chicken and oatmeal are some vitamin-B6 dietary recommendations. Pain and inflammation which occur due to wrist damage can be treated with vitamin-B6 consumption.

  • Fenugreek Remedy

The nutrient content in fenugreek also has the ability to facilitate the wrist pain recovery process. Magnesium in fenugreek is one such nutrient which can impart anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits when fenugreek is consumed. Fenugreek seeds can be dipped in water overnight. In the morning the water can be drained and the seeds can be ingested. Pursue the remedy for few days until the pain is minimized.

  • Ice

Placing an ice-pack on the wrist swelling can also help in quickening the wrist pain revitalization regime. Use a cloth to wrap ice-cubes and then stroke the wrist for 15-20 minutes with the pack. Repetition of the remedy every 2 hours for the first 1-2 days can give relief from the wrist pain.

  • Potato Therapy

The cure for wrist pain can also be found in the curative properties of potatoes. Boil a potato and then mash the boiled potato. Now put the boiled mashed potato on the wrist with the help of a clean cloth. Blood circulation can be enhanced with this practice thereby giving respite from the wrist ache.