Pumpkin seeds, Carom seeds, Cloves,Turmeric as Home Remedies for Tapeworms

Describe tapeworms

Tapeworms are a variety of parasites that infest the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the intestinal walls. Other such harmful parasites are pinworm, whipworm, roundworm, etc. Such parasites usually enter the intestines through un-sanitized food / water. They may also be acquired through mosquito bites and physical intimacy. Other chief reasons responsible are a poor hygiene, weakened immunity, infested environment and raw / undercooked meat. Generally, these parasites infect those living in tropical / sub-tropical areas though, they can affect anyone living elsewhere.


An infection with these parasites / worms manifests in stomach pain / gas, chronic hunger, restless sleep, rectal itching, weight loss, diarrhea, dysentery, halitosis, etc. Intestinal worms may be gotten rid of, by OTC deworming medications. Natural home remedies could compliment conventional drugs, in eliminating the intestinal worms.

How tapeworms could be eliminated with home remedies

– Indian lilac

Indian lilac, popularly known as neem, disinfects the gastrointestinal tract thereby, eliminating the intestinal worms, including the tapeworm. It also detoxifies the intestines from the ill-effects of these parasitic worms. It is advised to consume 1 tbsp of fried neem flowers with boiled rice, twice every day for some days. Alternatively, it is suggested to consume a glassful of milk with 1 tsp of neem leaf powder.

– Garlic

Garlic eliminates parasites on account of its sulfuric amino acids. Additionally, it has natural antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial agents that destroy the harmful microbes. It is recommended to chew on 2 – 3 cloves of raw garlic on an empty stomach, every day for a few days. Alternatively, 2 – 3 cloves of raw garlic could be crushed and boiled in a glassful of milk for consumption on an empty stomach, every day.

– Carrots

Carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene that facilitates production of vitamin A. This vitamin controls the multiplication of intestinal worms by destructing their eggs. Additionally, carrots have vitamin C and zinc that augment / strengthen the immune systems, for fighting off the parasites. It is recommended to finely grate 2 carrots for consumption on an empty stomach, every day for about two weeks.

– Coconut

Coconut water / kernel soothe the intestinal tract, other than eliminating the parasitic worms that infest it. Both, the coconut fruit and the oil extracted from it, effectively remove intestinal worms, including tapeworms. It is suggested to consume 1 tbsp of grated coconut kernel along with the breakfast. Subsequently, it needs to be followed by consuming a glassful of milk with 2 tbsp of castor oil stirred in.

– Turmeric

Turmeric possesses potent antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics that eliminate the intestinal worms, including tapeworms. Additionally, turmeric also banishes the incidence of gas / nausea / bloating and abdominal pain associated with intestinal worms. It is suggested to consume 1 tsp of turmeric juice & a pinch of salt on an empty stomach, for a week. Additionally, it may also be stirred in buttermilk and consumed.

– Cloves

Cloves have long been acknowledged for their medicinal value. They are antiseptic and antibacterial, other than having antiparasitic characteristics. These peculiarities aid cloves in eliminating the intestinal worms and their eggs. Additionally, cloves also minimize the possibility of a recurrence. It is advised to boil & steep 1 tsp of clove powder for sipping three times every day for a week, to get rid of tapeworms.

– Carom seeds

Carom seeds are a major ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. They contain a chemical called thymol, which restricts the growth of intestinal worms. Ayurveda prescribes mixing together carom seeds and jaggery in equal quantities for consumption to eliminate intestinal parasites. It is advised to follow the Ayurvedic remedy or consume 1 tbsp of jaggery followed by a half tsp of carom seeds for eliminating intestinal worms.

– Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have been studied to contain cucurbitacin, a chemical that paralyses the intestinal worms. These worms are subsequently, unable to stick to the intestinal walls and are naturally flushed out of the system. It is advised to survive for a day, on the juice of boiled prunes, to cleanse the intestinal tract. Subsequently, 2 tbsp of peeled & crushed pumpkin seeds need to be boiled & steep in 1 cup of water, for sipping daily.