Sling brace, St. John’s wort, Fenugreek as Tennis Elbow Home Remedies

How could a tennis elbow be treated with home remedies

– Massage

A vigorous oil massage could resolve the issues of pain and inflammation linked with a tennis elbow. Additionally, such a massage could also relax the associated tendons and muscles. It is suggested to use calendula / avocado oil for massaging the affected area. The general massage, could be followed with friction massage by the thumb.

– Omega 3s

While suffering from tennis elbow, it is suggested to increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids. This essential nutrient decreases the incidence of pain and inflammation arising due to a tennis elbow. Omega 3s could be sourced from tuna, halibut and salmon. It is believed, it lubricates the elbow joint internally.

– Ginger

Ginger is a very potent anti-inflammatory substance that eases the symptoms of a tennis elbow. It is suggested to boil 2 tbsp. of crushed ginger root and consume three times every day. Alternatively, a ginger poultice could be put on the affected area for relief from pain. Grating ginger over salads or soups also, aid in a rapid recovery.

– Cabbage

This humble cruciferous vegetable has its own health advantages though, it is not credited appropriately. It is suggested to pluck some leaves off a cabbage for immersing in water for about 30 minutes. Subsequently, these leaves should be placed on the hurting elbow and tied for the night.

– Fenugreek

A simple home remedy for resolving a tennis elbow is using fenugreek. It decreases the associated pain and inflammation, other than contribute to a quicker recovery. It is suggested to prepare a thick paste with 2 – 3 tbsp of powdered fenugreek seeds and a few drops of milk. Subsequently, this paste needs to be put on the affected elbow.

– St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort has been observed to possess pain relieving characteristics, other than speeding up the healing process. It is suggested to consume tea prepared from this herb, with a bit of honey, regularly for relief from the pain and inflammation associated with tennis elbow. Alternatively, its oil may be put on the affected area occasionally.

– Ice packs

A very effective solution for treating a tennis elbow is application of ice packs. Ice mimics the effects of an anti-inflammatory drug, other than decreasing the associated swelling of tendons. Apart from an ice pack, it also assists to elevate the injured elbow over the heart level for enhancing circulation.

– Compression

Another remedy for treating a tennis elbow is compression. The injured elbow needs to be compressed with a crepe bandage or a similar elastic solution. The compression, restricts the over-exertion of the tendons, apart from supporting the inflamed joint. It is suggested to continue with compression till the pain decreases significantly.

– Technique

Usually, a tennis elbow does not result from a specific physical activity but, an in-correct / unsuitable method of indulging in it. Hence, it is suggested to review the technique that lead to injuring the joint and correcting it suitably, to minimize the possibility of a future recurrence.

– Rest

Tennis elbow occurs not due to playing tennis but, generally results from some repetitive activity. Constant indulgence in such activity, does not allow periods of rest in-between. The stress on the elbow could be reduced by decreasing the strain on the joint. Apart from rest, it is also vital to confine the movement of the joint.

– Sling / brace

A good remedy for easing the symptoms of a tennis elbow is to wear a supporting sling or a brace. Such aids, freely available at pharmacies or sports shops, assist by limiting the extent of the joint’s use. Such accessories also keep the limb from un-necessary exertion and assist in a speedy recovery by minimizing further aggravation.