Tea tree oil, Vinegar, Yogurt,Turmeric as Tineversicolor Home Remedies

How could tineversicolor be treated with home remedies

– Hygiene

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a high degree of hygiene. Taking a shower every day and exfoliating the infected areas with a sponge aid in decreasing the flaky and dead skin, apart from lessening the volume of the fungus responsible. It is also important to sanitize the items of clothing and washing, to inhibit the growth of any fungi that may have been transferred.

– Diet

A diet that compliments the treatment of tinea versicolor assists in warding off the fungus. The diet should include sufficient amounts of vitamins a / B complex / C and E. These components could be sourced from citrus fruits, whole grains and several other fruits / vegetables. It is also vital to restrict the consumption of carbohydrates as they encourage yeast. Probiotics like yogurt, garlic, coconut, etc. assist.

– Baking soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, harmonizes the acidic balance of the skin and hence, assists in eliminating the fungus. It is suggested to gently scrub the affected skin with some baking soda. Alternatively, the infected skin could be washed with a solution of baking soda and water. While, the disorder does not result in a lasting damage, it can discolor the skin and hence, it is advisable to aid healing by boosting the immunity.

– Indian lilac

Indian lilac, or neem as it is popularly known, is endowed with antimicrobial agents that cure tinea versicolor. It is suggested to boil & simmer a handful of neem leaves for bathing in, instead of regular water. Additionally, crush & grind a handful of neem leaves in water for applying on the infected skin. Neem oil is another derivative that could be put on the affected area, preferably after bath in place of a moisturizer.

– Garlic

Garlic has numerous medicinal virtues that are of immense use in treating skin disorders. It is suggested to chew 2 – 3 cloves of garlic every day for treating tinea versicolor. Additionally, some cloves of garlic could be crushed and their juice extracted for applying on the infected skin, before bath. It is vital to avoid cosmetic soaps & powder and substitute them with antifungal verities, instead.

– Turmeric

Turmeric is another substance, very popular in alternative medicine, for treating various skin related disorders. The medicinal virtues of turmeric are not restricted to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. An Ayurvedic remedy for treating tinea versicolor, advises preparing a paste of turmeric powder, clarified butter and sandalwood powder. Subsequently, this paste needs to be applied on the infected skin.

– Yogurt

The yeast in the segments of tinea versicolor infected skin could be rendered ineffective by an application of yogurt. It is suggested to use natural yogurt for this purpose. Additionally, yogurt could also be added to the diet for a durable cure from tinea versicolor by fighting the disorder internally. While, this treatment does not offer a quick-fix solution, the results are lasting and durable.

– Vinegar

Vinegar, garlic and oregano, all have numerous uses in alternative medicine, on account of their potent antifungal virtues’. It is suggested to blend the three ingredients for applying on the tinea versicolor infected skin patches and allowing the blend to be absorbed naturally. This remedy takes time to deliver though, the results are permanent.  This remedy has also been observed to restore the skin pigmentation.

– Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has various medicinal properties and is frequently used for correcting several skin disorders. Insofar as tinea versicolor is concerned, tea tree oil eliminates the fungus from the skin and it aids in drying out the excess oil. It is suggested to dab tea tree oil on the infected patches and around them till it is absorbed, within an hour or so. However, this compound can stain fabrics and hence, it should be used cautiously.