Tea Tree Oil,Egg and Honey,Lemon as Home Remedies for Whiteheads

Home Cures for Whiteheads


Surplus production of sebum can cause the formation of whiteheads. Here the skin pores get blocked with dirt, grime and oils thereby leading to the development of the whiteheads. Whiteheads belong to the acne category and are also referred to as closed comedones. Whiteheads are bumpy and white-colored which arise underneath the skin surface. They can be found on the facial region at the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. People with oily skin are prone to whiteheads. Smoking, hormonal discrepancies, genetics and under-nourished diet are some causes for the whiteheads.

The best therapy for the whiteheads are home remedies as they are simple and natural. Also getting regular face-clean ups is a must for healthy skin and must be practiced on a regular basis.

Home Remedies

Apply these home remedies when trying to get rid of whiteheads.

  • Toothpaste

Toothpaste can prove to be a useful tool to abolish whiteheads. Dabbing small amount of toothpaste on the affected face region and allowing it to dry before washing the paste with a damp cloth or tissue can assist the whitehead removal process. Pursue this remedy every alternate day for 2 weeks for the desired results concerning whiteheads riddance.

  • Tomato Remedy

Tomato is known to be an antiseptic agent and can be beneficial in the fight against whiteheads. One medium-sized tomato is required for the course where the tomato is crushed and the pressed tomato is then applied on the whiteheads using gentle pressure for few minutes until the tomato penetrates the skin. Wash the face after 15-20 minutes. The tomato can also be applied at bedtime and rinsed the following morning.

  • Lemon Cure

The healing properties of lemons can also be exploited when tackling whiteheads. Half of a lemon can be squeezed for the juice which can be mixed with 1 pinch of salt and the resultant solution can be put on the face and left for 15-20 minutes after which the face can be rinsed with warm water.

Only lemon juice can also be dabbed on the face with the help of a cotton ball which can help in the drying of the face thereby curbing the manufacturing of excess sebum.

  • Egg and Honey Combination

The mixture of egg and honey is also a powerful combination for abolishing the whiteheads. They reserve the ability of tightening and toning the skin whilst reducing the oil content. Egg whites can be mixed with honey and stirred for few minutes for an even mixture. The mix can then be stroked on the face and massaged for few minutes. The face can be washed with lukewarm water after the solution has dried.

  • Tea Tree Oil

The astringent nature of tea tree oil which helps in lowering the oil levels can also make a valuable contribution during the whitehead treatment course. Also the fact that the oil is an anti-bacterial agent can be helpful in resisting acne. Few drops of the oil can be daubed on a cotton ball and the soaked cotton ball can be caressed on the facial region where the whiteheads have accumulated. Allow the oil to work its magic for 30 minutes. The face can then be washed with warm water. Repetition of this remedy two times during the course of the day can reduce the whiteheads to a significant extent.

  • Steam Process

Steaming the face two times in a week can also assist the whitehead elimination course. Steaming can help in opening the pores whilst loosening the trapped dirt particles. For the steaming regime, water can be boiled in a pan on the gas until its steams. Then the gas can be turned off. A towel can then be used to cover the vessel along with the head. Steam can then be inhaled for couple of minutes after which the face can be dried with a clean towel.

A clean soft cloth can also be immersed in a bowl of hot water and then placed on the face after the wringing of the extra water. Rest the cloth on the face for few minutes after which the cloth can be removed and the procedure can be repeated twice.