Tea Tree Oil,Fenugreek,Ginger,Garlic as Home Remedies for Walking Pneumonia

Home Cures for Walking Pneumonia


The mildest form of pneumonia where symptoms such as sore throat, running nose and fever are experienced is referred to as walking pneumonia. The person can walk as well as move freely when affected with this disorder and bed rest is also not required here. The effects of this syndrome are sometimes so docile that one could also mistake the same for a common cold. Children are usually the victims of this illness. Bacteria, fungi or viruses can be responsible for the occurrence of the condition. Chest congestion, breathing difficulties and pain in the chest along with the lungs are the other walking pneumonia indicators suggesting its spread within the body.

It is necessary to seek the advice of the doctor when inflicted with the illness. Also natural remedies such as home cures can be practiced alongside the treatment.

Home Remedies

Adopt the following home remedies when imposed with walking pneumonia for faster recovery.

  • Garlic Benefits

Garlic is known to contain the allacin nutrient which is an anti-fungal and antibiotic agent. The consumption of garlic can therefore be effective in resisting the walking pneumonia distress. Some garlic cloves can be ingested with warm water after they are chopped. The remedy can be repeated few times in a day for relief from the turmoil.

  • Ginger Therapy

The curative benefits of ginger can also come handy in treating the walking pneumonia quandary. Ginger tea can be readied and sipped 2-3 times during the day in a bid to exploit the health gains of the root.

Juice from fresh ginger can also be squeezed and mixed with honey and then consumed. Mix 1 tablespoon each of ginger juice and honey and gulp the mixture 2-3 times during the course of the day to alleviate the walking pneumonia pain.

  • Fenugreek Cure

The detoxifying abilities of fenugreek can also make a valuable contribution during the walking pneumonia revival phase. The respiratory routes can be cleared of congestion with the nutrients in fenugreek. Tea can be prepared with dried fenugreek leaves after mixing the same with hot water and allowing the mixture to brew for 10 minutes. Then the tea can be strained and honey can be added for extra flavor and the resultant concoction can be downed to triumph over this milder form of pneumonia.

  • Tea Tree Oil Steam

The healing abilities of tea tree oil can also be effectual in combating the walking pneumonia discomfort. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can be neutralized with the oil. The oil can be utilized as an additive in the hot water reserved for steam. Water can be heated in a pan on the gas and few drops of the oil can be sprinkled in the pan when the water begins to boil. After some minutes of further boiling, the gas can be switched off. Now take a towel and cover the head and vessel and inhale the steam for couple of minutes. Pursue the remedy 2-3 times during the day.

  • Dietary Concerns

Vegetable juices including cucumber juice, spinach juice and beet juice can be consumed to revitalize the body from the pneumonia damage. The nutrients in these juices can nourish the body whilst developing the immune system thereby resisting the recurring of infections.

Fluid intake also must be increased when undergoing treatment for walking pneumonia to keep oneself hydrated. Water in adequate quantities must also be sipped to ease the toxin-elimination process.

Whole grains, mushrooms, oysters and wheat germ can also be incorporated in the daily diet plan.

Foods that are sources of vitamin-A and vitamin-C are also advised during the walking pneumonia healing period. Supplements of these vitamins can also be taken as they help to strengthen the lungs whilst resulting in quicker resurgence from the walking pneumonia anguish.