Turmeric,Cranberry ,Tracheal as Home Remedies for Vaginitis

Home Cures for Vaginitis


Vaginitis can affect women of all ages. The vaginitis condition is characterized by swelling of the vagina and occurs as a result of bacteria, yeast or parasites assailing the vaginal organs. Some other symptoms associated with this disorder are redness, burning sensation during the urination process, foul-smelling vaginal discharge and bleeding. A hormonal disparity is another plausible reason for this vaginitis occurrence.

The treatment course for vaginitis can include home remedies at first. Only if the distress seems to mount after following the regime then the doctor can be consulted.

Home Remedies

Pursue the below-mentioned home remedies in an effort to win the vaginitis fight.

  • Yogurt Remedy

Yogurt is known to contain healthy bacteria which can combat the unhealthy bacteria and hence the consumption or application of yogurt is advised to enjoy the attached healing benefits. Cotton balls can be soaked in yogurt and placed in the vaginal cavity. Yogurt can also be applied directly over the infection.

Consuming bowls of yogurt during the course of the day is also recommended to recover from the vaginitis state.

  • Garlic Therapy

The anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities of the garlic bulb can also contribute in treating vaginitis. Fresh organic raw garlic cloves can be consumed daily to reap the advantages of the bulb.

Pressed garlic cloves can also be covered in gauze and rested in the vaginal opening for 30 minutes for respite from the vaginitis turmoil. Repeat the remedy at intervals of 3-4 hours for recovering from vaginitis in a timely fashion.

  • Cold Compresses

Cold compresses can also be handy when suffering from vaginitis. A clean cloth can be immersed in tepid water and placed in the vaginal infection area for 20 minutes to reduce the inflammation and burning sting effects of the vaginitis abnormality.

Ice cubes can also be stroked on the vagina. An ice-pack can also be prepared where few ice-cubes can be wrapped in cloth and patted on the vaginal part for some minutes for relief from the vagintis anguish.

  • Tracheal Herb

The tracheal herb is a strong detoxifying agent and can be utilized during the vaginitis recuperation period. Dried tracheal leaves can be placed in a cup and topped with hot water. Allow the mixture to steep for 10 minutes. Thereafter strain the tea and sip the ready tea whilst allowing the herb to do the trick of soothing the infected vaginal section.

  • Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is an effective remedy to cure the vaginitis state due to its anti-bacterial nature. The acidic properties of the juice can restrict the growth of bacteria as bacteria cannot survive in acidic backgrounds. Guzzling the unsweetened cranberry juice selection on a daily basis can prevent and cure vaginitis. However only 1 glass per day is the prescribed limit of cranberry intake.

  • Tea Bags

The tannin nutrient in tea can also counter-attack the vaginal infectious condition. Tea bags can be immersed in water and then kept in the refrigerator until cooled. The cold tea bag can then be placed in the afflicted vaginal bodily fraction to ward-off the itching symptoms of the vaginitis anomaly.

The therapeutic value of chamomile is also useful in the vaginitis combat. Chamomile tea bags can be used here. The tea bags can be dipped in hot water and kept for 2-3 minutes. Then allow the tea bag to become cold after which the tea bag can be inserted into the vaginal hole. Squeeze the bag so that the liquid can flow into the vagina to begin the remedial action. Repetition of this remedy for 2 weeks can assist in neutralizing the vaginitis infectivity.

  • Turmeric Cure

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features of turmeric can also help restore normal vaginal functions. Turmeric powder can be stirred in 1 glass of hot milk and gulped two times during the course of the day until the infection subsides.