Turmeric,Wheatgrass, primrose oil, Hyaluronan as Trigger Finger Syndrome Home Remedies

What is a trigger finger syndrome

A trigger finger syndrome is clinically known as stenosing tenosynovitis. It signifies a condition wherein the tendons of the concerned finger turn thick and hence, stiffen. As it restricts the finger in a bent position, it leads to a serious pain resulting in immobility. This syndrome has been observed to afflict the index finger (hence, trigger finger), other than the middle and ring fingers. This syndrome is more likely to affect women.

A trigger finger is actually a symptom instead of being a disorder. It primarily results due to diabetes / hypothyroidism / amyloidosis / rheumatoid arthritis. The other major reason responsible is repetitive use of the concerned finger, without rest / break. Though home remedies for treating a trigger finger are not tested & documented, some treatments do manage the symptoms by controlling the associated inflammation.

What home remedies could treat a trigger finger

– Ice & heat

The symptoms arising from a trigger finger could be treated by alternating between hot & cold fomentation. It is suggested to fill one glass with ice cubes & chilled water and another with tolerably hot water, for dipping the affected finger alternatively. The variance in temperature stimulates the circulation and hence, combats inflammation.

– Hot water

The intensity of pain sensed during an episode of trigger finger could be lessened by heat. It is suggested to fill a bowl with bearably hot water and immerse the afflicted finger in it for instant relief from pain. This exercise is recommended to be followed at least 3 – 4 times, every day or as frequently as required.

– Massage

When trigger finger is anticipated, massage could ward it off. Massage has a therapeutic effect that treats virtually every disorder resulting in pain and inflammation. It is suggested to use warm olive / coconut oil for massaging the suspected finger. The massage should complement the direction of the tendons.

– Rest / break

A constant repetitive use of fingers is incorrect and has been observed to result in their stiffening. Thus, to avoid the incidence of a trigger finger, it is suggested to schedule periods of rest in between the task. Exerting the fingers by excess strain is also suggested to be avoided.

– Finger splint

A prosthetic aid like a finger splint, assists in keeping the finger straight and minimizes the possibility of subconscious or accidental folding / injury. It is especially suggested for use during the sleeping hours. A finger splint minimizes the associated pain and facilitates a rapid recovery from trigger finger.

– Turmeric

Turmeric has curcumin, an effective and potent anti-inflammatory compound, on account of which it can treat an episode of trigger finger. Additionally, it also inhibits the substance P that transmits pain signals to the brain. It is suggested to wrap the afflicted finger in a thick paste of turmeric powder and water, with a gauge.

– Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is an ingredient used in several cosmetics and holistic medicine. It is germinated from wheat and while the shoots are still tiny, they are crushed for extracting their juice. The bioactive agents in the juice stimulate the circulation and are anti-inflammatory, together that cure a trigger finger.

– Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is an effective solution for treating various inflammatory disorders, including a trigger finger. It is suggested to dab this oil generously on the afflicted finger, several times each day for relief from a trigger finger syndrome. This treatment is further suggested to be continued over several weeks for effective results.

– Hyaluronan

Hyaluronic acid mimics the effect of the synovial fluid by its lubricating properties. It decreases the friction in joints and the connective tissues. A major reason responsible for a trigger finger is reduced lubrication in the tendons (also connective tissue) and hence, hyaluronic acid corrects the condition.