Watermelon & Organic Coconut Water as Home Remedies For Blood Pressure

Our body requires nutrients and oxygen to be able to function normally, and these are supplied to every body area by the circulatory system.  The blood carrying these essential substances gets pumped around the body during every heart beat.  Surrounding the blood vessels is a layer of muscles that assist in expanding and contracting them, so that enough pressure is created within to pump the blood around the entire body.

Blood Pressure

While the blood is getting conveyed to other body areas through its vessels, it gets pushed against the side of its walls.  The strength at which it gets pushed is noted down as the pressure, the actual blood pressure.  This pressure tends to vary and is largely dependent on the heart’s efficiency, the volume of blood traveling through the vessels, the overall health status of the individual, and the state of the vascular walls as well.  In case the pressure is too high within the vessels, it will be recorded as an increase in blood pressure levels, that can strain the arteries and cause medical issues like strokes and even heart attacks.

Monitoring of blood pressure levels can only be done by a trained medical practitioner, and the normal reading is considered to be 120/80, with the upper number referred to as systolic and the lower number as diastolic.  Even if this reading is considered normal, physicians still maintain that having readings less than these numbers are far more safe.

When the readings are found to be slightly higher than the norm, there are some remedial measures that one could follow from the comforts of their home, to set it right.  Really high blood pressure readings will need to be controlled with prescription medications; but even in such conditions, people can follow these natural methods along with their regular treatment mode, to help in better control of it.

Home Remedies For Increase In Blood Pressure Levels

Salt is thought to promote this increase in pressure within the blood vessels.  One of its components, called sodium, is thought to throw the body’s fluid levels into a disordered state.  To get rid of this particular component from within, water is drawn from body tissues, increasing the fluid volume in blood, thereby increasing the pressure within blood vessels as well.

Hence, people with slightly higher blood pressure readings should start cutting back on their daily salt intake.  Foods that are processed too are found to be high in salt content; hence, their intake should preferably be avoided to decrease the amount of salt going into their body.

Most sufferers have noticed a considerable decrease in their blood pressure levels after the consumption of organic coconut water on a regular basis.  This natural water contains chemicals that help in regulating fluid levels within the body, as well as in improving muscle functions.  Drink a glass of coconut water in the mornings to reap its health benefits.

Watermelon is also found to help in lowering increased blood pressure levels.  This fruit contains a natural compound that will act as a precursor for widening arteries, thereby allowing smooth flow of blood through them, in turn reducing pressure within as well.  It is best to have this fruit on an empty stomach first thing in the mornings.

Regular exercise is also recommended to improve the functional capacity of the heart muscles, which can have a direct influence on the blood pressure levels too.