Wheat grass juice,Hot bag,Castor Oil,Liquorice as Home Remedies for Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cysts are small, fluid-filled sacs present in the ovaries.  A majority of women have cysts in their ovaries.  Most of the cysts are benign in nature and tend to go away on their own during the monthly menstrual cycles.  Cysts often rupture in which case the woman may experience lower abdominal pain and bleeding.  However, if symptoms persist, viz., continued unbearable pain, non-stop bleeding, it is important to visit the gynaecologist immediately.

Sometimes, it requires that a cyst needs to be removed surgically.  Usually, the removed cyst is sent for biopsy to rule out malignancy.  Sometimes, and especially for women who are past their fertility age, the gynaecologist may advise the removal of the affected ovary / ies, looking into the case history of the woman, to avoid repeated formation of cysts in the said area.

Any surgery on the human body takes a toll –  no body part is unimportant and each part plays a vital role in maintaining good health.  Hence, surgery comes with the cost of some undesirable side effects.

A better way would be to go for natural remedies .  Of course, you should resort to home remedies only after ascertaining that there is no serious underlying ailment causing the cyst / rupture.

Some proven remedies are mentioned here:

  • Wheat grass juice:

Growing wheat grass is a very simple process.  Extracting about 25 ml of fresh wheat grass juice, every morning and having it on an empty stomach helps the body in clearing of all kinds of cysts and toxins.  Ensure that you do not take any food for the next one hour after drinking wheat grass juice.

Compliment wheat grass juice with intelligent eating – Eat foods which promote health and avoid foods which cause fat, toxins and other undesirable components in the body.


  • Hot bag:

When a cyst ruptures, usually there would abdominal pain which can range from mild to severe.  The best thing to do during periods of pain is to lie down placing a hot bottle on the lower abdomen.  Let it remain there until it loses heat.  Ask a loved one to refill the bag and place the hot bag once again on the painful area.

Heat reduces pain and helps in easing periods.

  • Castor Oil:

Buy medicated castor oil. Heat a teaspoonful of castor oil and apply on the lower abdomen where it pains.  Gently massage with your hands.  Do this for at least ten minutes.  Take care not to use vigorous movements.


Lie down and rest.

  • Liquorice

This is a herb often prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners as a cure to ovarian cysts.  Regular consumption of this herbal powder along with honey helps in regulating the female hormones and enables the passage of cysts easily and naturally during periods.

Consult an ayurvedic expert to decide on the amount and method of intake.


  • Sitz Bath:

Fill in half the bath tub with relatively (bearable hot water).  Add a pinch of powdered rock salt.  Sit in this bath for about fifteen minutes, twice everyday.  The area upto the waist should be submerged in the water.  Doing this regularly helps in cleansing the lower abdominal organs.



Some more tips:

  • Drink a herbal tea made with crushed ginger, powdered cardamom and roasted fennel seed powder.  Add a little honey for better taste.
  • Drink lots of water.  This helps.
  • Never suppress the urge to urinate.  Pass urine whenever you feel so.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in calcium.  Calcium helps in better hormonal balance.  Also, fruits and vegetables provide the necessary fibre for the body.