Witch Hazel as Home Remedies For Bleeding Hemorrhoids

In our circulatory system are present blood vessels, some of which carry blood towards the heart, which is termed as veins.  It has an elastic quality to it, which means even if they become deformed for some reason, it has the ability to return back to its original shape.  However, like any other structures present within our body, these are also prone to developing problems.


Veins are located everywhere in our body.  The veins located in the lower end of the rectal passage, when they become enlarged, swollen, or deformed, it leads to a medical problem known as hemorrhoids.  The swelling happens because of an increase in pressure within them; hence, it is something often experienced by those who have this habit of straining to pass bowels.  When more time is spent sitting on the toilet bowel for stool elimination, along with this excess straining, it will only increase pressure within the anal canal and encourage hemorrhoidal growths.  People who become frequently constipated, or women who are pregnant, are the ones who usually visit their medical practitioner with such a complaint.

In layman’s terms, this condition is mostly referred to as piles; and a common symptom of this is bleeding while moving bowels.  The hard texture of stools can irritate the delicate outer surface of the hemorrhoid and cause it to bleed.

There are some natural methods that could be followed to help ease the hemorrhoid symptoms.  But if the problem is real worse, then seeking standard medical treatment methods is best advised.

Home Remedies For Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Apply an ice pack over the bleeding hemorrhoid, if it is an external one.  Do not apply ice directly over it; instead, wrap it in a clean towel and then place it over the affected area.  The extreme coldness will work by constricting the bleeding vein and stop the blood from oozing out.  This will work well for internal hemorrhoids as well, which are close to the anal opening.

Witch hazel is a natural herb that comes with this ability to constrict blood vessels, for it contains substances that help in drawing tissues together, and also in reducing inflammation and decreasing bleeding.  The same can be put to use for minimizing bleeding from hemorrhoids.  There are, in fact, hemorrhoidal pads soaked in witch hazel available which can be applied over the anal opening, after defecating and disinfecting the area.  Even anal wipes containing witch hazel extracts are available which can be used instead of the ordinary wipes, that usually have a more rough texture, and will only irritate the already tender area even more.

Purchase a sitz bath bowl for regular use to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.  Fill half the bowl with normal or cold water and sit in it so that the water reaches up to the individuals’ hips.  Continue to sit in this water for at least 15 minutes, so that the coldness works by constricting the veins and minimize the leakage of blood from it.  Once the bleeding stops following this routine for some days, a warm sitz bath may be prepared for use to help reduce any uneasiness or discomfort associated with hemorrhoids that may continue to linger.

Eat more of fiber rich foods for easy elimination of stools, since constipation is thought to be the most common cause behind hemorrhoid development.