Yogurt & Gram Flour : Home Remedies for Zits on Lips

– Rosewater

Rosewater soothes the skin and also assists in preventing the formation of zits on the lips or elsewhere. It is advised to apply rosewater regularly on the entire face and letting it be absorbed. Some rosewater might also be mixed in other face masks to prevent the formation of whiteheads.

– Fuller’s earth

Application of a mask consisting of fuller’s earth, draws out the excess oil secreted by the skin, disabling the dirt particles from sticking to it. It also exfoliates and thus removes the dead cells. This mask could be later washed off with lukewarm water and the skin, moisturized.

– Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda naturally eliminates the harmful microbes and sucks out the excess moisture. It is advised to prepare a gel-like paste of some baking soda and water, for application on the affected area. It could later be washed off and followed with regular moisturizing.

– Yogurt

It is advised to make a face pack by combining 3 tbsp of yogurt with 2 tbsp of oatmeal and 1tbsp of each, lemon juice and olive oil. This face pack, once applied, should be allowed to stay on for about a quarter of an hour before being washed away with cool water. It has been observed to reduce the incidence of whiteheads.

– Gram flour

Another popular home remedy recommends combing a bit of gram flour with 1 tbsp of milk or rosewater, for application. This solution has a tendency to stick to the skin and removing by rubbing it, also exfoliates the skin & unclogs the pores. It is very effective in guarding against whiteheads.

– Green gram flour

A simple solution for getting rid of whiteheads, or zits on the lips, is preparing a facial scrub by combining together 1 tbsp of each, green gram flour and jojoba oil. Regular scrubbing with this solution in circular motions before a wash clears out the whiteheads in a few days.

– Coriander leaves

The benefits of coriander leaves have been observed in eliminating whiteheads as well as blackheads. It is advised to prepare a thick & coarse paste by blending coriander leaves and some turmeric powder, together for application on the entire face. It may later be washed away with cool water. Regular application of this paste, yields rapid results.

– Cinnamon

The benefits from cinnamon can be derived by combining half tbsp of it powder with 1tbsp of each, baking soda and lemon juice in a few drops of water, for application on the face & the neck. Once it dries naturally, it may be washed away with warm water. It is advised to engage this procedure twice, every week.

– Lemon

Another home remedy for treating zits on the lips, involves use of lemons. Slice a lemon and massage the entire face with it in a circular motion. The citric acid of lemons eliminates infection causing microbes, unclogs the pores allowing the skin to breath and removes the excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands.

– Rice

It is advised to soak half a cup of regular rice in a bowl of water, overnight for grinding into a thick paste the following morning. This paste may be used to scrub the face for peeling away the dead cells and eliminating the accumulated dirt particles. It may be followed up by washing with cool water and subsequent, moisturizing.

– Garlic, lemon & orange

Another, not so simple home remedy (preparation takes time & effort) involves using 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 3 tbsp lemon juice and dried & powdered peel of an orange blended into a gel-like paste. This paste is advised to be scrubbed on the affected areas and after some minutes, washed off with warm water. Repeating daily yields results.

– Fenugreek leaves

It is advised to prepare a paste by crushing some fenugreek leaves and blending it with a few drops of water. Apply this paste on the face and let it remain overnight to be subsequently washed of with warm water, the following morning. Following this exercise regularly guards against the formation of whiteheads.

– Oatmeal

A simple remedy for treating whiteheads is regular scrubbing and exfoliation. Scrubbing unblocks the hair follicles and exfoliation removes the dead cells. Both can be achieved by combining a third cup of oatmeal with a fourth cup of each, honey and brown sugar, for a face massage. It needs to be washed away with warm water and moisturizing.